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Books That'll Prepare You for the 2016 Presidential Race

By Clifford Michel

With the Iowa Caucus less than a year away, both political junkies and those unfamiliar with national politics are beginning to peek their interests as the 2016 elections come into view. 638 more words


I need women rights because...

I need women rights because not all girls in the world are as privileged as I am.
I need women rights because I want to be employed and have the same salary as my male friend. 86 more words

Political Bullying 2016 – Or How I Feel About Political Add Campaigns

It never ceases to amaze me how the “modern” political add campaigns are supposed to compel me to cast my vote. A candidate supporting the tidbits of vital slandering information, made public for my own (the publics) protection and, of course, is supposed to shift my decision in their favor. 582 more words


The Pro-Marcos Generation

So I came across a facebook post from my classmate about saying something about “This wouldn’t happen if Ferdinand Marcos is still President” or something like that. 178 more words


English language – CREDIT
Hausa language. -CREDIT
Literature in eng- PASS
History. – GOOD
Geography. -CREDIT
Mathemetics. – FAIL
Health science. – CREDIT
Wood work. – FAIL… 15 more words

Political View

El llest dels germans Bush

Right to rise. Amb aquest seductor títol salta a l’escena pública americana la PAC (Political Action Commitee, o Comité d’Acció política) que dóna suport a Jeb Bush, el gran candidat republicà per substituir Barack Obama a la Casa Blanca, de cara a les eleccions de novembre de 2016… 284 more words

Political View

Freedom from the Spaniards

This is my 2nd post for 2015. Hopefully I can keep posting this year so that my random thoughts that actually have sense don’t go to waste. 495 more words