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สำรวจความคิดทางการเมืองของ Jacque Rancière: ว่าด้วยความขัดแย้งและความเสมอภาคทางการเมือง


“There is politics when there is a disagreement about what is politics, when the boundary separating the political from the social or the public from the domestic is put into question” 1,141 more words


Law, Legal Systems, And Law Enforcement: Part Three

Systems are either open or closed, never any other possibility.  The legal system is open since individuals, groups, and formal governing institutions usually change.  New laws and regulations are enacted, adopted, or otherwise put into place.   1,112 more words


There Is No Duty To Vote

Russell Brand has often been criticised for his open decision not to vote. His reason is that he is ‘utterly disenchanted’ and that most politicians are ‘frauds and liars’. 1,629 more words


Conservative ideology and the Intergenerational Report: why Hockey had to remove all reference to inequality

By Warwick Smith

A search of the government’s recently released Intergenerational Report for the word “inequality” yields zero results. The same is true for “income distribution” and “wealth distribution”. 731 more words

Economic Policy

Realist Utopia

Political realism is also a utopia, one with a lot of blood on its hands.
Jacques Rancière


Politics: Normative Theory vs. Diagnostic Practice (A Terse Comparison)

Our impartiality is all too often diverted by perfunctory conclusions. We permit, that is, ourselves to be distracted by the appearance of defects in philosophical arguments, and rather than suspect the foundation of our skepticism, we steadily persist in our opposition. 1,518 more words