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REVIEW ESSAY: The Civil Service and Policy -Making in the Philippines

by de Guzman, Vivien Rose C.
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the course Political Science 150
University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City
Second Semester, Academic Year 2013-2014…
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Tis a jesters game flowing like sparkling wine from the serene rivers of coal burning souls

Tis a jesters game flowing like sparkling wine from the serene rivers of coal burning souls

We have the holy rollers here.  We have the pure unadulterated mindless hedonists there.  177 more words


Activist social science

Like way too many social scientists, I’ve been overly obsessed with the LaCour/Green retraction. Partly, it’s the perverse attraction of watching the slow-motion crash of a career, but more substantially, it’s a chance to reflect on how social science is supposed to work, and where activism fits in–or not. 642 more words

The market place rules.

The market place rules.

The market place rules.

It demands that education be cheap and perfunctory, a baby sitting service run by those who are there to make a profit.  229 more words


A Political Rant on human nature in the Australian context... by some anthropologist guy.

Words matter. As an anthropologist, it is my job to derive meaning from the words and actions of human beings. Today I realized that through his countless verbal gaffs our bumbling Prime Minister is offering us a direct pathway into his worldview. 879 more words

UCLA grad student who allegedly faked LGBT study reportedly invented award, too

The good folks at Ricochet just a few days ago published a must-read piece on Michael LaCour, a UCLA graduate student who seems to have faked the data that was the basis for an article published in the journal Science, offering quantitative proof that “LGBT door-to-door canvassing had a significant effect in shifting voters toward pro-gay-marriage views.” 484 more words


Duterte, Frank Underwood, and Ruthless Pragmatism

Ruthless pragmatism.

This has been then Democratic House Majority Whip, then Vice-President, and now President Frank Underwood’s mantra. Politics run strongly in his blood like coffee for the graduate student. 738 more words

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