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Attract, sustain and prompt..

Some of the traits we learnt when studying advertising.

A Prime Minister

Emoted tears about a broken Union.

A Scottish Labour Leader Hope Full… 57 more words


Anarchy In The UK

Thirty-six years ago, the Sex Pistols created a defining moment of the 1970s. While they weren’t the first punk band, their Anarchy In The UK anthem resonated in the depressed cities and towns of ‘Middle England’. 677 more words


Calm Before the Perfect Storm

I don’t mean a weather storm.  I am more concerned from an economical, financial, climate, social, political, or religious fundamentalist perspective; but primarily from some combination of these factors.


"None of the Above" won!!

I think I’ve written about this before, in some movie where a guy is supposed to spend bajillions of dollars to make umpteen jillions more.  He runs for office with a campaign called “None of the Above”. 304 more words

A Political Failure

ALL POLITICAL careers end in failure, as the saying goes. Few come to a crashing halt in such spectacular fashion as the O’Farrell premiership. One moment there was Barry, master of all he surveyed, about to announce billions of dollars of airport with Tony Abbott. 376 more words