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The Evil That Men Do Lives In Them

Forty years ago, India lost her innocence. After bumbling through more than twenty seven years of existence as an independent nation, the dire prognostications of Western doomsayers, who were pessimistic about the survival of the tender plant of democracy on Indian soil, appeared to have been proved right. 1,251 more words

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IMF: "Fiscal policies can help boost countries’ long-term growth prospects"

Due to vacation I have been lying low, basically missing out on commenting on the Greek drama. There is not much to say anyway, except that this is about democracy (sovereignty) versus (neoliberal) Europe. 491 more words


Harry, 2 popes, Spectrum and Amos

Our very own Harrry and Pope John Paul II (pope in late 80s) had the same view on one topic

Liberation Theology, the controversial movement based on the conviction that the gospels enjoin the Church to put the poor first, which preoccupied and divided Latin America’s Catholics for much of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. 733 more words

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Simple Daily Gestures and Surviving Well

How might we act differently if we were able to better distinguish between what we need and what we merely want? 

In what ways have we forgotten the common good and our common home, the earth?  126 more words

The Greek people vs the Troika - No, Oxi

After months of fractious negotiations events in Greece took a dramatic turn this weekend with Greek PM Alexis Tsipras declaring a referendum on Europe’s latest bailout offer set for next Sunday July 5. 1,611 more words


Bob Wallace, Taxi Driver

Hey everybody, go comment at Unca Bob’s blog until he tells us more stories about how he used to sell taxis and manage employees. I can’t wait to hear his money-management tips. 6 more words

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Check your priors, Rich Man

Lionel Barber interviews Bill Gates:

You’re talking about a world of serious labour substitution. What areas of the labour market are most at risk?

For those high-school-educated or below is where there will be substitution.

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