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What exactly is the role of an inflation-targeting central bank?

I have always thought that an inflation-targeting central bank is independent because it follows a clear goal: get inflation to fall in line with the target in the medium term. 437 more words


From Guy Debord: Comments on The Society of The Spectacle

V. The society whose modernization has reached the stage of the integrated spectacle is characterized by the combined effect of five principal features: incessant technological renewal; integration of state and economy; generalized secrecy, unanswerable lies; an eternal present.

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Memorial Day

When we are remembering those that served, what is it that we are remembering about them?

If they are individuals we knew personally, perhaps it is the personal details and specific experiences of their lives. 420 more words

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Why a focus on wealth is killing Kenya’s development

This article first appeared in my column with the Business Daily on May 24, 2015

Kenya has essentially been capitalistic since its inception as a nation-state in 1963. 636 more words

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Russell Means: “Marxism is as Alien to My Culture as Capitalism”

Being is a spiritual proposition. Gaining is a material act. Traditionally, American Indians have always attempted to be the best people they could. Part of that spiritual process was and is to give away wealth, to discard wealth in order not to gain.

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Migration and economy: My wish for a responsible and responsive AU

Siyabonga Hadebe (Twitter @siyazi)

For decades people-traffickers have plied a lucrative trade on South-East Asian waters. Six hundred migrants were recently abandoned in boats just off the north coast of Sumatra following a Thai government crackdown. 617 more words

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