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I hate political correctness, but my mother raised me on jokes like–How can you tell a bull-dyke from your run-of-the-mill lesbian? She is the one who kick starts her vibrator and rolls her own tampons. 715 more words

Political Correctness

Walmart apologized on Monday for making a cake featuring the flag of the Islamic State for a Slidell, Louisiana, man who had originally wanted his cake printed with the Confederate battle flag.

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UK: Politicians Urge Ban on the Term "Islamic State"

Gatestone Institute, by Soeren Kern,July 4, 2015:

  • “If we deny any connection between terrorism and religion, then we are saying there is no problem in any of the mosques; that there is nothing in the religious texts that is capable of being twisted or misunderstood; that there are no religious leaders whipping up hatred of the West, no perverting of religious belief for political ends.” — Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.
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Counter Jihad Report

America: A Eulogy

Okay…I tried. I have been holding back…resisting the urge to pontificate on a confluence of recent events that a decade ago I wouldn’t have imagined possible. 1,378 more words

Values, Principles, & Truth

Of climate science and ... Shakespeare

So, here I was trying my level-headed best to compose a response to some arrogant claims from “climate scientist”, James Annan, that I had read… 267 more words


Daily Riches: Outside the Dominant Consciousness (Richard Rohr and Walter Brueggemann)

“Authentic God experience gives you another place to stand, another identity, a spacious and gracious place, which invites you to stand outside of the dominant consciousness that surrounds you and that everybody accepts as reality. 423 more words