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“Political Correctness is just tyranny with manners.”

~Charlton Heston, actor and civil rights activiest, former President of the NRA (National Rifle Association)

in other words he was a great guy


To Inoculate, Or NOT To Inoculate...

THAT is the question!

I recognize the need for public health policy.  Knowledge of germ theory and sanitation throughout the public is paramount in this regard.  297 more words

Customer Service

UCLA anti-Semitic students challenged - perhaps anti-Semitic teachers should be too

Ah, college. The place to put misconceptions behind you and start a new life based on the blossoming of new ideas (well, that and kegs of beer.) 549 more words

Left Wing

Google will actively censor searches to produce only the "facts" as Google sees it

Big Business and Big Government are at it again. It seems that biggest of Big Business corporations, Google, will begin censoring search results to produce searches that contain only the “facts” as seen from Google’s perspective. 399 more words