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Basic education clusters: one way to support education in Cambodia

I published in Development and Practice an article I have written with Kurt Bredenberg about the possibilities offered by basic school clusters in Cambodia. Here is the title, citation and the abstract. 122 more words


Cleveland Protesters Arrested After Officer's Acquittal - L. CAROL RITCHIE MAY 24, 2015 2:48 AM ET

Cleveland police in riot gear made a number of arrests Saturday night as protesters poured into the streets, angry over the acquittal of a patrolman charged in the shooting deaths of two unarmed suspects. 322 more words


These Markets Mean it When They Say Local

In my hometown of Boston, Mass., a new public market will soon open with the intent of selling only products grown or crafted locally. That means, for instance, you can sell chocolate, which certainly doesn’t grow that far north, but the final product has to be manufactured in one of six states that make up New England. 527 more words


the responsibility we have as software engineers

I had the chance to chat this week with the very awesome Kate Heddleston who mentioned that she’s been thinking a lot about the ethics of being a software engineer, something she just spoke about at PyCon Sweden. 551 more words


The views of people living better with dementia, and their closest ones, matter intensely

There’s been a long history of people having difficulty in saying what they mean by ‘integrated care’.

Such debates nearly always converge on difficulties and ‘sustainability’ of funding. 949 more words


La censure scientifique fédérale/Federal scientific censorship

J’avais régulièrement mentionné la politique scientifique civile du gouvernement fédéral comme la raison de pourquoi je serai appelé à fréquenter une université étrangère pour mon doctorat ( 899 more words