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The Liberal Democrats in government have delayed the final say on Trident replacement until 2016 and conducted Trident Alternative Review.

Liberal Democrats and I do not support unilateral disarmament. 105 more words


In Iowa, GOP field stresses opposition to same-sex marriage - By JAMES HOHMANN 4/26/15 1:02 AM EDT

WAUKEE, Iowa—Leading Republican presidential candidates came to Iowa Saturday to assure social conservatives that they still oppose gay marriage, despite shifting public attitudes and the recent backlash against religious liberty laws. 260 more words


National Orphanage

In the event that a child is found to be at risk by a financially insolvent family, a family prone to child abuse, the child themselves being abusive, a child being raised around criminal or dangerous activity, separating parents that cannot agree on a means to care for the child, or the child is simply orphaned because of incompetent parents kicking them out for any reason (which is a crime), or upon the death of the parents and unavailable guardianship, the child can be inducted into a nationally-run orphanage system, administered by the Bureau of the State, with joint assistance from the Bureau of the Military, as a means of preparing the children for their future militia service, and overall promoting their development into strong and responsible Sancian citizens. 194 more words


Living better with dementia

I had barely known Chris Roberts, new onto the Twitter platform, when he mooted that the title for the book which I had just published didn’t convey the right perspective. 1,230 more words


Compassion for a Final Embrace

About a year ago, I wrote a compassion narrative titled “Compassion for a Final Embrace” on a photo that still leaves me numb. On the 2nd anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy, I wanted to share a modified version with you simply to bring awareness to those who did not learn about it…its never to late to learn history. 838 more words

More views on Legislative broadband budget: Think rural, think more investment

Just wanted to do a quick weekend catch up on what folks around the state are saying about the current state of the broadband budget at the Legislature. 745 more words


FLORIDA: HB 545, House OKs telehealth bill but controversial reimbursement issue is looming

By Christine Jordan Sexton

March 12, 2015 –  A House healthcare panel approved a telehealth bill on Thursday but there were warnings that the measure isn’t “floor ready.” 278 more words