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Car crash interviews and hope for the future

With the stunting performance reminiscent of a work experience student, Natalie Bennett has done the right wing’s work for them and made the alternative left wing party look stupid, naïve and unprofessional (if that’s something you look for in a politician). 1,339 more words


Open letter to Parliament: Amend C-51 or kill it

The following is an open letter addressed to all members of Parliament and signed by more than 100 Canadian professors of law and related disciplines. 4,431 more words

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I was struggling with writing a long post about the current legislation in parliament and this government's history of caring not for the rules of the game. However, this open letter says what I think with more detail than I could have possibly mustered.

New mall policy in effect

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WKBN) – A suburban Pittsburgh mall’s plan to ban minors who aren’t accompanied by adults on weekend evenings is in effect.

It was prompted by a shooting three weeks ago. 120 more words


The World Of Tomorrow

And then, what will happen?
When we finally kill?
The cast of “Full House”,
And ambitions fulfilled.

Potable water, and fodder
The clotted.

Once more allotted, the potted old sundries! 167 more words

My Story at Slate: Big Doctor is Watching

For Slate I reported on a Senate hearing on the Internet of things and explored the political dangers of pervasive health tracking:

At the Senate hearing on the Internet of Things earlier this month,

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Sterling at €1.34 is a threat: Britain, the EU and the price of independence

This article originally appeared on OMFIF’s website here

At the heart of the British argument against closer ties with Europe has always been many UK citizens’ fear of losing control over the country’s affairs in general and in economics in particular. 657 more words

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Green Party policy for lifelong learning

Several people recently took part in a Twitter exchange about the policies of the main parties towards adult learning. I expressed the view that all the main parties – including Labour and the Scottish Nationalists – of cutting public favoured reduced spending on what was already a very small field. 405 more words