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"No" to additional jeepneys?

I finally got a photo of a banner that I’ve seen on many jeepneys plying the Katipunan route. This appeared on jeepneys a couple of weeks ago and the message on it is clear: “No to more jeeps, to more traffic in Katipunan.” I became curious about this as I noticed that list of transport groups that had their names printed at the bottom of the tarpaulin. 322 more words

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Emergency doctors and paramedics commonly misinterpret documents for end-of-life care choices

I wasn’t too surprised to learn that a pair of new studies finds that emergency care providers vary in their understanding of a type of medical order intended to communicate seriously ill patients’ choices for life-sustaining treatments. 689 more words


Make or break time for banks to support people affected by cancer

The financial impact of cancer is severe. We know that cancer’s hidden ‘price tag’ for four out of five (83%) people is on average £570 a month and for 30 per cent of people, rises to £860 a month due to loss of income. 1,168 more words


Congress Snipes And Gripes On Eve Of Net Neutrality Vote

It’s net neutrality eve, putting both Washington and Silicon Valley on collective edge. To some extent.

In service to you, I awoke early this morning… 499 more words


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Probably some important lessons should be borrowed from how judicial processes operate, especially relating to retrials. Isn't it the case that judicial retrials only occur upon confirmation of existence of new evidence or other credible circumstances that had been overlooked during previous hearing? I truly stand to be corrected regarding this proposition. I couldn't agree more with Rep. Frank Pallone's sentiments. Lets move on!

Anti-Science Quotable: Rand Paul bashes NIH funding and fruit fly research

Paul spoke at the American Spectator Annual Gala in Washington (at the 10:03 mark), and commented on how he has tried to point out potential areas where government spending could be reduced. 298 more words


Obama vetoes keystone XL pipeline bill

Reported in the NYTimes:

President Obama on Tuesday rejected an attempt by lawmakers to force his hand on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, using his veto pen to sweep aside one of the first major challenges to his authority by the new Republican Congress. 385 more words


House of Lords votes to approve mitochondrial donation techniques in UK

After four hours of intense debate in the House of Lords, peers have voted to approve regulations that will allow mitochondrial donation to be licensed for use. 233 more words

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