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Two Shot Early Sunday, April 26, on 1000 Block of South 12th Avenue

Monday, April 27, 2015 || By Michael Romain 

Maywood police found two men wounded from gun shots on the 1000 block of South 12th Avenue early Sunday morning, April 26, at around 4:19 AM, according to official reports. 77 more words



美國警察暴力和種族歧視的事件層出不窮。繼佛格森事件之後,25 日在美東的巴爾的摩市,爆發大規模的抗議,馬里蘭州長 Larry Hogan 在和白宮溝通後,宣布巴爾的摩進入緊急狀態。這次的群眾抗議緣起於一名 25 歲的非裔青年 Freddie Gray,因為遭到警方盤詢時逃跑,而後遭到逮捕,卻疑似因為警方在人行道制伏 Gray 時施力不當,造成 Gray 脊椎斷裂。執法的白人警察 Michael Slager,也並未在第一時間將 Gray 送醫,導致 Gray 被送入手術房時已經回天乏術,他不幸於 19 日在當地的醫院斷氣身亡。

繼這幾年來數起非裔青年 Mike Brown、Eric Garner、以及 Akai Gurley 的死亡事件,美國警察制度性的針對非裔族群的執法不公,尚未能得到司法上的解決。被視為應該 「保護民眾」的公權力,不僅失去執法公正性,更讓種族問題加速地惡化。巴爾的摩此次多數由非裔市民參與的抗議行動,如同佛格森事件,也被主流媒體大肆宣染為「暴力」、「不理性」,而巴爾的摩本地長久以來累積的對於非裔族群的差別對待,和警方的濫用公權力,卻尚未進入大眾對於美國種族紛爭的反思,和為何今天再一次的非裔青年死亡,會造成如此大規模的暴動。 611 more words

April 2015

BGA: Taking A Hit In Melrose Park – Cop Arrested, Police Department Bruised

Monday, April 27, 2015 || Originally Published: Better Government Association (BGA) || By Robert Herguth

Melrose Park Police Detective Greg Salvi (pictured) was recently arrested by the FBI and charged with some pretty heavy drug trafficking offenses. 1,026 more words


So Were Regan And Hunt Really So Bad?

In the last few weeks I’ve thought a lot about the poor old Met. What has happened to it over the years? Where is it going? 627 more words



May 2015 is the centenary of the Gretna Train disaster when 216 troops from the 1st/7th (Leith)Battalion, The Royal Scots lost their lives on route to Liverpool with a final destination of Gallipoli. 67 more words


Man Leads Maywood Police on Wild Car Chase Before Taking Down a Light Pole, Crashing into FedEx Truck

Saturday, April 25, 2015 ||| By Michael Romain

A man was arrested yesterday, April 24, after leading police on a wild car chase that started at 5th Avenue and Oak Street and ended at the corner of 19th and St. 130 more words


Sheriff's Office to Conduct Checkpoint in Maywood Sat. Night Thru Early Sun. Morning, April 26

Friday, April 24, 2015 || Originally Published: Patch || By Morgan Searles

Officers will check driver’s licenses, registrations and they’ll be on the lookout for impaired drivers… 124 more words