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Pole update: photo shoot and performing!

Those who read my blog regularly will know I started pole fitness at the end of April, and I’ve been loving it. I’m now doing 2-3 classes a week and on Friday I had my first pole photo shoot! 570 more words


Simple Pole Routine for Beginners

Pole Fitness can often seem to be something that is out of our reach for all kinds of reasons.It may just be that you think of it as too sexual and that you ‘shouldn’t be doing such a thing’. 60 more words

Fitness goals> so much more than loosing 100lbs

So my trainer always says he has a plan for us. Which is exciting news but one day he said “Think, what is your fitness goals?” This question caught me off guard because my first thought was “Duh, Loose 100lbs and celebrate!” However, I don’t want it to end there. 247 more words


Why go to a pole studio

Some people have skipped on a pole studio and immediately went out and bought a pole, I know this because before I started taking classes I debated buying a pole and teaching myself off of youtube videos, but I’m glad that I didn’t. 271 more words

So it's been a long long while!

Sorry for the super long hiatus. Too much has been going on and I’ve been way too lazy to blog about pole dancing because there’s just so much out there already! 371 more words

Pole Dance


Let’s go right ahead and address the stigma that’s been given to pole dancers. I am extremely proud to be taking classes and changing my life around pole, spending my weekdays working on my flexibility and strength, then spending my weekends learning new pole moves. 323 more words

Feminine and masculine empowerment

I hate how people think of girls as either feminine or masculine. Not judging- I do the same.
It’s just annoying that you are aasumed to be a girly girl or a tomboy. 513 more words