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Выбор Польши и чем это грозит России

На состоявшемся вчера втором туре президентских выборов в Польше победу, во многом ожидаемо, одержал Анджей Дуда, кандидат от печально известной партии «Право и Справедливость».  Сегодня мы постараемся понять кто же такой Анджей Дуда и чем его избрание грозит нашим непростым отношениям с Польшей.

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I wanted to call this post “They got dogshit too,” but I’ve grown less prone to be shocking (or vulgar) in my old age. So a pun on the old Beatles song will have to suffice. 1,114 more words

Abstract | Golden hoe

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Poland Memorial Day celebration subdued, significant

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Memorial Day is celebrated a little differently in Poland.

The holiday celebration is a little more subdued and calmer than most area celebrations. 228 more words


Food tourism in Toruń 

Have you ever had that delicious feeling of being a tourist in your own town? Having lived and worked there for a year, I’m lucky enough to have that privilege every time I visit the beautiful city of Toruń, a mere hour from Bydgoszcz by bus. 334 more words


When in Poland...

…do as the Polish do. Which is to say, eat a lot of sandwiches, be incredibly sarcastic, and not carry a water bottle everywhere. However, when I went to Poland with a group from Georgia Tech, we decided to stay true to our American roots (especially when teaching the kids), and only scored 1.5 out of 3 (we ate sandwiches for breakfast, dinner, and sometimes even lunch and were slightly sarcastic, but not nearly as much as the people we worked with…more on that later).   1,082 more words


Eco Fashion from Poland

The topic of the Comenius project in Poland was recycling. In the world, there are becoming more and more popular fashion shows where presented clothes are made of recycled materials and items. 107 more words