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Gastly & Haunter Breed Variants

Here’s a trends that I’m loving in the pokemon fandom!
Breed variants! This series of Ghastly and Haunter breed variants were made by the talented extra-vertebrae.

Art by extra-vertebrae


Pokémon Jokes

Here are a few Pokémon Jokes that I’ve heard and found. Enjoy!

Q: How do you get a Snorlax onto a bus?
A: You poke ’em on. 117 more words


Mystery Dungeon Guide Part 2: Monster House

I deeply apologize for not posting for so long. I’ve been caught up looking for better jobs and dealing with other personal issues, and recently went to SuperCon. 284 more words


Poké-Idol Festival: A Sacred Gold Idolocke - Part 8 - Buggin' Out

Everybody get up ’cause it’s time to slam with Bugsy now! And in order to avoid a calvalcade of death, we’re being hypercautious with our levels and strategy. 325 more words


Xiaoperior's Pokemon Corner- Whatever Wednesday: Scald Ban?

So then, who’s ready for another controversial topic? Recently in the competitive scene, there has been a lot of hustle and bustle over two moves that have become game changing with the advent of sixth gen. 1,131 more words

Pokemon Corner

Hezekiah Turns 8!

It’s always a sad day when you realize that your kids are getting older! Just your kids, not you! :-P

My son is turning 8 this year! 101 more words


This is Amaura, she’s a dinosaur-like Pokémon and you can obtain her by restoring the Sail fossil and turn it into this lil’ cutie! In Pokémon Y I was able to obtain her and I hope everyone likes the drawing of her! 10 more words