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My.Daily.Distraction ~ Post 149: Finding Forgiveness

Still basking in the glow of another birthday, here I am the next day trying to resign myself to being my previous age,

…plus one. 360 more words


Poise, equipoise, awareness

The Intermediate practice has been focusing on how “the inside creates the outside,” and then how “the outside conditions the inside.”

We have practiced with the chakras, with the major channels, and we have sat asserting asana on three levels of body, emotion (astrality), and awareness (mind). 49 more words

Current Round

The foundation of poise

Learning how to develop poise is like learning to put make up on, but for the body. While you apply  make up to present your best face forward, poise is presenting your personal best to the world. 369 more words


A Happy Survivor :)

My cab was late as usual and i was completely engrossed in the thoughts that how my manager is going to react at this. While i was lost in that, a girl also entered in the lift. 414 more words


Nature's Crown

Our earth slowly wakes
mesmerized by her beauty,
entranced by such poise,
surrounded by emptiness
she becomes the apex of
life in this cosmic suburb… 12 more words


To the girl who asked what my secret was

Perhaps, that would best describe me these days – a well-adjusted woman. Just like what they teach in Judo, I’ve learned how to roll with the blow, how to break a fall. 143 more words


Eight Men and a Bull

How do we respond to anxiety, such as when we speak in public, take an exam, or for some people just face the day?

Many people who speak in public will advise nervous speakers to prepare with calming, breathing or visualisation exercises. 470 more words