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Very sick girl reporting live from the stuffy airport terminal.

So, I’m sitting in the airport, after a short (but beautiful) trip to Florida and as I reminisce on the last two months, all I can say is… I need to… 156 more words

Aimless Chatter

Life is Like That Sometimes

I often think of new little products, waiting patiently in their boxes to be used. They’re so new and orderly. Pick me! Their calmness and order seems to say as they lie there, waiting to be chosen. 317 more words


How I feel about 28....

**Cover Image by College Humor. 

I am well aware that 28 is not old but for some reason I am really not looking forward to turning those even numbers on Thursday. 279 more words


Business Plan

I’ve decided I’m going to start my own corporation to operate in competition with Monsanto. I’m going to hire a bunch of scientists and get them to patent dogs and cats. 107 more words



I used to write all of my thoughts down. I don’t write all of my thoughts anymore.

Tonight I crossed a street, and then crossed a parking lot. 282 more words


Goodbye, Wisdom Teeth

I’ve gotten absolutely NO sewing done this weekend, and I have multiple projects that NEED to be done. Two of them need to be completed within the next 12 days, and I haven’t even started on them! 367 more words

My addiction to online shopping

I just can’t get enough of online shopping.
I blame new technology for this. That and insomnia (I swear to you I’m not the guy out of fight club- I shop for clothes, not stuff from ikea). 449 more words