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Tear out my throbbing heart.

Please. I’m begging you.

I need a new one, that won’t ache Every time you walk by.

One that isn’t so shattered that… 66 more words


Discandying is the Shakespearean Word Of The Day (03/29/15)

Discandying (n.)

Discandying means dissolving, melting, thawing.  Discandying is cited in four of William Shakespeare’s play Othello (AC III.xiii.165) Cleopatra says to Antony: “By the discandying of this pelleted storm.” 6 more words


How to Take a Shove

she was sitting in an old chair, but she wasn’t in repose.
she was laughing at you.
she was looking at the way you hold her fingers like an infant, 143 more words

Blacked Out: Potions and Poison (Series): #4 "Her: The Goddamn Blessing"


merit and disarray

in a melting pot…





Lonely Hearts At 2am Playing Violin Strings (Series): #5 "Rambling Writer"

it’s a fucking shame

how the world

gravitates to the shortest poems,

the shortest quotes, and

the shortest stories

because her beauty deserves a novel… 55 more words


Martyrs with megaphones

Take the ground or the stars
and bend them till they become
a metaphor for
whatever base thought
you inflict on them next.

Blank pages are made to expand infinitely… 72 more words