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lavish white

cement towers

lie to the east,

adjacent to the ocean.

each one outfitted

with fluid balconies

where the waves

can’t yet reach.

10 stories up… 64 more words

Poem by Frances Donovan

For Beth with the Golden Hair

I am a weaker version of you
you are a stronger version of me
you said as you did not grind the gears… 336 more words


It Is Possible

Deep is the hunger
the Voice of the Genuine.

There is something in each and every one of us
that waits and listens to the voice of… 105 more words


Futuristic Ideal for the Next Millenium

Here is a book of hope for the future. It is a collection of poems with summaries and insights that suggest what mankind could ideally reach in the next millennium. 141 more words

Spiritual Awakening


I woke up before the speed of light could

release me

and my thoughts were half asleep

music in my mind playing

the music stopped when I opened my eyes… 151 more words



Spent the morning at the clinic waiting to be told what I already knew. I have a sinus infection. So I’m a little late in getting a post done. 164 more words


new morning

throb and burn and spin


the white takes a nap on your tongue – the vertigo denial

spin into the chemical dissolve

and the morning is new: fresh, calm, chilly, Loud yet simply Silent. 66 more words