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Poetry Reflection from the book, Triad Light

This Love

This shame
begs me to hide myself
trying to convince me
I am not worthy
but this Love
knows no bounds
and will not be confided in… 210 more words

New Age Future

(24/30) cell phone martyr

look at your phone. again.
again. did you see the time?
did you hear his voice?
did you scroll through your
nonexistent pictures together?
who are you? 272 more words


(23/30) the baptism of a new day

it’s going to rain. absolutely.
no weather network predictions about it.
no wishing for sunny skies.
no hoping for crops to rise.

it’s going to rain, absolutely; 85 more words




COLD BREEZE visiting
Lingering through my skin

Then I missed you

How you wrap your sweater around me
How you sit so close to me… 30 more words



when i was s child

you were never a dwarf

always grew to 98 feet

i was sure you were

god’s neighbor

and the men who climbed you… 338 more words

Daily Musings

(22/30) grandmama

my grandmama’s skin
was like silken rose petals – i would
squeeze it in my fingers while she was
singing me to bed at night, 99 more words


Fists are for Fighting

Keep your hands open!

It comes

That thing you want so bad

And all you want to do is curl your fist around it

But then it changes… 229 more words