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The Gift of Ruts

It’s the nature of a thing to repeat itself
See how the bird beats her wing
in such a metronomic routine
she carves a way into the air… 163 more words


What forgiveness is...

“A sufi holy man was asked
what forgiveness is.
He said,
– it is the fragrance
that flowers give
when they are crushed.”

– Unknown


Two Twenty Seven AM

I woke up from a dream

of stress and fear

hearing the sound

of rain in my ear

a staccato rhythm

beat the tin roof… 27 more words


Behind this Mask

Behind this Mask

Behind this mask I hide

Don’t ask me why

I guess it gives me a false sense of pride

All the while… 216 more words


I knew the day would come
When you would ask me
That question
I didn’t
Want to answer

Shock momentarily
Through my veins
The choice must… 48 more words


NaPoWriMo: Day 26 Erasing Neruda

Pablo Neruda is one of my favourite poets. So I decided today, to do an erasure poem. I take an already written poem, erase various words, keeping the remaining ones in the order in which they originally appear, and voila! 342 more words

Haiku # 190

Into the mist
my dream fluttered,
first light of dawn