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Every time
She felt even the wisp of a touch
Grubby fingers grasping at her flesh
Lustily tearing everything apart
Her clothes
Her skin
Her soul; 199 more words


Spanish Lullaby

Neguri, Spain: Palm Sunday, Domingo de Ramos in Spanish, is the start of Holy Week. Palm Sunday here in Spain is also when everybody loses an hour of sleep as the country turns the clock forward for daylight saving time.  156 more words



In the dead of night

Into your bedroom I sneak

In this place we will never meet

Neither will we in daylight.

In the silence of the void… 73 more words


just for today 

You make my blood boil

Like I’ve been sitting on the stove top

My ass on fire

Yet I refuse to get off

The martyr… 66 more words



Love lives here,
In a newly born bud.
I cling to the Living Life Impulse,
That made the darling bud and me.



Thoughts beat their drum and make their way like the drops of the grey
Unable to keep dry my mind wanders and seeks refuge but… 89 more words

Sunday Sleep

Every Sunday the blog, Haiku Horizons, provides a haiku prompt. This week’s prompt is “sleep.”

When I think of sleep it makes me happy. I’m like a cat. 184 more words