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The love month is over… but i wanted to share with you some of the reasons why we love….ans even it may sound absurd and pathetic; i guess we all went through this … 384 more words

Amazing Insights

A Truly Beautiful Woman

In the end, her cancer went away…and so did she.

A Truly Beautiful Woman

By Jay LeBorgne

World spinning – seemingly with no end
Doubtful it will ever stop – no one can tell… 201 more words


Tree of gold

We sit under the wake
Of gold topped trees.
Staggered steel,
skewing shadows
Pressing our morals
of tricked promise
yet to fall from their birch. 18 more words


I Got This.

I don’t feel a fucking thing these days

Is that what happens when you age?

I’d be dammed if someone said I never tried

Despite the bullshit and petty lies… 97 more words


Altru Secondary

Come my secret ally, and we will into the brush of riddles steal. We the young stride to cause and fortune, and so test the ranks of rule and authority. 130 more words


Old memories
deceive me with
such talent.

I write too warmly of you
because of a past we
flourished in together.

My mind must force itself… 16 more words

The direction

Photo from my oil and digital and love project

There are nights when I just want to put my head to rest
To lie down and close my eyes and give in. 377 more words