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Emma's Poetry Picks: 'Pretty' by Katie Makkai

Hi everyone,
Today I thought I would try something different! As I have mentioned on this blog in the past, I really enjoy listening, reading and watching spoken word or slam poetry. 635 more words


Nina #Fiva Sonnenberg - Alles leuchtet!

A #treetastic Fiva-Playlist:

Fiva [ˈfaɪva] (* 1978 in München, bürgerlich Nina Sonnenberg, vormals Fiva MC[2]) ist Rapperin, Moderatorin und… 60 more words


Top 10 Reasons Why Poetry Slams Are My Jam

Hello everybody, and Happy National Poetry Month! In honor of this wonderful time of year, I’ve compiled the absolutely-definite-official-of-all-time list on why slam poetry is so freaking great. 891 more words



Lord of wind-scarred warrens
walks the sunless tunnels,
Serves the hand of heaven
holding to his shoulder.

Under seas of sand-swells
still his eye turns skyward, 55 more words


Are You Listening? Poetry Slam and Social Commentary

For National Poetry Month we were tempted to pay homage to classics like Poe, Whitman, Neruda, and all the other greats. But much of the buzz in the poetry world is not around words on a page, but rather the voice and performance of the poet. 480 more words



In honor of our forefathers who paved the way for us through their strength, bravery and strong belief in God! Let’s continue to believe!

Being black in the work place; 219 more words

Poetry Slam


As a good woman ive cooked and cleaned washed your dirty clothes changed your baby pampers and cleaned mines and yours or your baby snotty booger nose I rubbed your back and your feet and your neck and your toes hung up or folded your clothes and when you had a cold brung you campbell soup and orange juice while your sick in bed kept you well fed macaroni fried chicken collard greens and conbread fish and potatoes and do you want hot sauce white or wheat bread blow jobs till your feeling half way dead braided your hair or twisted your dreads I rubbed your bald head kept you entertained like Ced-dric the entertainer we have womens intuitions and I dont think you should go out tonight Bae your patna got shot keeping you out of danger buying your kids shoes, cothes ,braces and retainers teaching mines and yours or your baby dont you talk to strangers on your way to school nor back home let you drink and smoke your weed your blasting Against All Odds because thats your favorite song and when you get home from work we try our best to be quite and leave you alone giving you womanly advice hopefully right and not wrong sitting up in the hospitals with you for hours when something has gone wrong we try to up lift you and encourage you my love its going to be alright and be strong we will go to war with a female or a nigga over you when your pleading baby just leave it alone got your on personal ring tone and its Im Still Waiting by Jodeci on my phone we take your cussing and fussing sometimes because we know its your male testorone we bone you all most every freakin night and all most every freakin day we act like its Burger King and let you have it your way on your Birthday threesomes,paid vacations,the expensive hotels let you party hard and allow you to have strippers with our hard earn money we will let you even tip her we even tell you too go ahead have fun and you flip her upside down perfume sprayed on your envelopes and money on your books when you got locked down and for a few years or months not messing with nobody were still holding it down were having phone sex and im playing with that mound making moaning sounds while you jack your dick sending coochie flicks sticking out our back sides while we pose sending you nasty videos at the gym trying to keep it right and tight like Serena Williams or Amber Rose and you have a good woman in front of you and its like you have your eyes closed but yall like those dirty and the grimey women that do you wrong so yall can go right on ahead and have them Hoes💯 18 more words

Poetry Slam