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Forming in Chaos

If we didn’t exist so much in language,

I swear I would love you better.

I wouldn’t get stuck in words a-coming and a-going.

Wouldn’t resort to charmed terms and gestures. 115 more words



Stopped by the river today for a visit, the air had a sweet breeze blowing so gently and the light was delicious.

I took my friend’s little dog Dusty, a Tibetan Spaniel. 36 more words


a final dream of flight

i have a pen

i have written my own story

i read yours

it was narrow sad predictable

on so many levels

it did not predict my flight… 305 more words

Black Arts

dreams of flight/ 1

if you brought land in the country

i would go i would learn to make jam

i would become a country woman

& maybe the days would… 175 more words

Letter's From Lover's Rock

on freedom & suffering

to own nothing is to be free

or so its said suffering is caused by

want they say small footprints with

no sign of your passing they say… 355 more words


Gray sky; Greener grass
purple yellow red flowers
A rainbow through clouds.

Pull down your flag! Unite!
under dewy umbrellas,
see: brother, sister.

All of us rising, 8 more words


Grit, Grime, and Grace

She learned, at some surprise point,
That pearl earrings and blistered feet,
Strong, sure hands and soft, small touch,
Mud-splattered mornings and rouge-tinted nights
Did not have to be mutually exclusive. 44 more words