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women's world cup championship 2015

so many hands clapping
for such talented feet

nail polish
never felt so good

the field did not have to be watered
after the game, 13 more words


the sharks bite the people

Perth, 28 November 2013

Sitting under casuarinas at City Beach.
Wind a constant companion, insistently sighing through trees. Everything
in Perth stained bronze,
the footpath the trees the rubbish bins and picnic tables the people. 300 more words

Helen's Writing

Our Freedom

We live in a beautiful country,
It is a truly wonderful land,
With mountains and rivers and forests and field,
All according to the way God had planned. 354 more words


organic skin cream applied down at the pool hall

yes, my friend
or have you decided
to become my enemy now ?

do you know who a free bird really is
and if not, maybe i can help explain… 65 more words


the treetops are exploding ....

fireworks were flying tonight and still are, these ones were shot standing upon an A-FRAME rooftop with no tripod in sight ….
a bit shaky and overly pixelated but captured none the less …. 38 more words


There are some people you have to love from afar.


There are some people you have to love from afar

because you’d melt yourself down

just to be dripped into the crevices of their body… 388 more words