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jack rabbit

so forward
was the man
bouncing backwards
along jack rabbit highway
with no rear view mirrors in sight ….

Copyright 5-26-2015
Jimi Bodansko


To My Dearest Mom And Dad

My dearest Mom and Dad,

Over this past school year,
I have taken countless trips down the bittersweet nostalgia
that is memory lane and it amazes me how fast time seems… 681 more words


Pretense, Public vs. Private Monikers

Friends share secrets
I am your secret.

I had thought we were lovers, best friends
Turns out you’re just a guy collecting secrets

So on this Memorial Day let us take leave… 61 more words


One of Those Days- A Poem

One of Those Days

by Deborah Finnegan

Alarm wakes you up
from a magical dream.
Look out the window
no sun to be seen.
It’s one of those days. 108 more words


Can You Imagine

Can you imagine

This passion we share
Thunder clapping
As I clasped your hair
The light from above
Lightning strikes deep
Climax in unison
Pleasure so deep… 53 more words