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untitled archive IV - may 28 2014

come closer &
let me breathe my chocolate into your veins, baby
i’ve got the cocoa butter for your scars
and trouble like molasses — 54 more words


Poem for you - Twosentences

He carries two sentences

with the weight of the worlds

a wonderful wordplay

woven in winter.

A poem made for you.

I wondered upon

a conviction so strong… 42 more words


Echoer - Alphabet Alliteration #5

“echoer of echoes

easing me to the edge of evil”

is a euphemistic example of

encouraging and espousing extremism


My mother tongue is escaping me..

and it hurts me so deeply

to know that the remnants of my history

will blow away like the cremated ashes of my being

and for years I have pondered upon the possibility of righting my wrong… 47 more words


The Question

If I had a dollar for every time I got asked,

“What does it take for you to write a poem about someone?” I would probably be rich enough to have an island named after me. 248 more words


Something in the Way

something in the way 

a brokenness so numb 

forever mocking like an enemy 

the days go on 



only letting go when sleep comes calling  12 more words


To ISIS from hell and me

I bid you fair welcome

as you will soon enter

the sanctuary of damnation

A nation

you have terrorized

a belief you have compromised

and disguised with hidden lies… 45 more words