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My Stories of Love. |Poetic Justice Day 16

Hey family !

I’ve been ghost (haven’t been posting) for the past couple of days, because I’ve been writing and working on my poetry book. 167 more words

Los Angeles


Through the ups and downs, in the skies and grounds

Searching for the answers, but thinking they’ll never be found

Continuing to give it Shots, but running out of rounds… 13 more words

Poetic Justice

Short 'Uns

A woman
who mocks her
daughter for
her weight
is trampled to death
by a
rogue elephant.

* * * *

A bully
is mistaken… 111 more words


I'm a terrible lover

Stepping on toes,

Looking over my shoulders,

I am here for a while,

Then I go back to the arms I once knew,

But I crawl back to the heart that feeds on me, 51 more words

Poetic Justice


who needs workers
with robots rising everywhere
and almost free labour
from our own unemployed
banging down the doors,
and those offshore
more desperate for bread… 389 more words

Poetic Justice


For the families and friends of the Charleston victims – may you find peace in whatever form.

Hello, my loved ones,
And I hope this finds you well, 345 more words


To the fathers who loved us

This is for the fathers who raised us
Those who were here from the beginning
Or those who came in between and picked up the pace… 251 more words

Poetic Justice