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Do you know the way?

Today I am awakened
from a blurry distilled sleep
where the truth is just a stammering
from the closet where it creeps.
Monsters shaking things up… 50 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Yanibo - Oluwatodimu (TheWackPoet)

It was in the town of maidens
and I being naïve and heavy laden,
starved of knowledge and berth,
looking sick as the clouds tore apart the earth, 322 more words

Legendary Poets>

Just an old pirate song

To the seas we voyage far from land
over hills of waves to reach where we can
tis a pirates way to reach the seas… 76 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

A Postcard from Savannah

The seas they crashed near the edge of the rocky shore
where time was stood momentous, at the opening where it tore
and the seeds from fathoms deep came in as a rushing pour… 23 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Breaking for the sea

And little stories of telling
are breaking through the bend
lending lines of wisdom
before an untimely end.
So smart you know the way
each foot a rhythmic pace… 31 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

Dear tactile

Steady climb the fingers crawl
over the manicured wall
hissing at the baritone
tapping out a call.
Hello, hello? rapture calling
chilling on the residue… 12 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

A sharp creased letter

There is a darker place then this
you see it where you stand
how you choose to live
by the prowess of which hand.
There is a suffering even greater… 65 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"