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The Door to Colour...Part 1

I don’t want to appointment myself to the position of apologist for blogging and social networking. I think there are others who could do that job better than I can, but I do believe these tools have a place and a value. 471 more words


I. Am. Poet.

I am a poet
Bet you didn’t know it
Now I gotta show it
Better not blow it.

This sounds like a rap, or is it just me? 238 more words


Fix Me

It was once beautiful;

This forgotten treasure

That now lays buried

In a heap of trash

Nobody seems to notice anymore.

Then someone comes along… 63 more words


dear mother

dear mother you are not dear to me.  you cried for hours in the night and it was all my my my fault. you were innocence lost but when i fell asleep on the cold white bathroom tile in a cramped room more like closet that i had locked myself in, i was a liar.   59 more words

Unedited Blah


The way he touched me was indescribable.

The way his fingertips moved across my hips.

The bliss.

Something I’ve never felt before.

I wanted more. 26 more words


In My Small Corner Of Cheerfulness

In My Small Corner Of Cheerfulness

Written: Maxima

Oh my love,
Look at me
In this dark night
Where the shine of your eyes
Bring a lavish light… 88 more words


I think I’ve given up on this thing called trust
It was the first thing that was broken
It was something that was a must… 70 more words