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'I’ll Be There' by Amani Bakari

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When the darkness shuts out the light
When the moon refuses to share the night
When the mountain has lost its peak… 159 more words


'Profound' by Amani Bakari

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A body without life is a corpse
A soul without direction is lost
Love cannot exist without a heart… 39 more words


in which i write about poetry and sound pretentious

if you’ve been following me long enough, i’m sure you remember my frequent blog posts about many failed attempts to write the great american novel…and then some more posts about how i’m actually a poet – not a fiction writer (which i guess surprised me a lot more than it surprised any of you) – and it’s been quite a while since i’ve really been excited about writing fiction (although i am pretty stoked on the 12-pager i have to bang out for my fiction writing II class). 310 more words



Our relationship is
so perfect, that its
much easier to fuck
everything up.


Loves Alive

Love will survive
loves stays alive
as long as you know
I will survive,
don’t just lay down
Love will survive
Love will never crumble, it’s always alive… 172 more words



Focus on life there will always be problems in life. The person who makes it happen and tackles the problems head on the opportunity is only seen by the opportunist. 143 more words


Wicked witches of wicked romancer

Wicked crooked walk in a wicked way around the witches waste in which only a witch can display. The wickedness of holy witness in wickedness unique wicked ways double ditch the witch of unique wickedness as she displays her wickedness. 712 more words