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Will – A to Z Challenge Day 23

Someone once asked me

“What do you want in a guy?”

That’s for the first time

I thought of giving it a try.

I thought of all the men… 198 more words


I'm here because I'm hers.. (A poem by Jack)

Sometimes I want to crawl into the earth and be held within her warm embrace…lie within the rivers of fires and allow the warm magma soothe my ears… 243 more words


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Hey everyone,

I promised a bit of a better update so here it is, this month has involved a lot of change. I’ve settled into my new job quite nicely and I’m really happy with work for once! 332 more words


The Shirt Dress

Elegance is refusal—Coco Chanel

Of late the Shirt dress has been making fashion waves. It was one of the major styles that was showcased during the fashion week.

230 more words

Blossoms in Summer

Cherry trees are summer’s treasure.

Red clusters hang along the branch.

E’en the birds cannot resist its fruit.

As plump bobbles dangle in midair.  59 more words


Mushy mush

Beer battered cod and chips,

Served with mushy peas,

When I hear it read out loud,

All I say, Yes please.

I'm not going to fall in love with you...

I don’t want to
Fall in love with you
I am not gonna
Fall in love with you

However my heart
Feels about you
That is certainly… 6 more words