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Enough Already.

i tried to be brave.
pretend that the years are not so long.
loving you from across an ocean is exhausting.
my heart is wearing thin with every day. 51 more words

Sunlit Hair

Sunlit hair

It is so soft under my fingers

Like those cheeks I kiss

Like the goldenrod lashes

That sweep shut

As I lean in to tickle him… 142 more words



All I see around me are the same sad shapes / like black drapes / that have threatened to shut down the sun / and every battle won / is just a prelude to a greater war / that will batter the shore / and tatter the trees / my enemies multiply before my eyes / and the lies they always tell are wearing me thin / in the corner of the kitchen something smells / and I believe that I have a date tonight / with the infidels.



A little new text experimentally performed as a song!

The door is closed decisions I have passed
all those little parts I’ve seen departed me at last… 82 more words


Poem - On the Loss of a Loved One.

A Time of Sadness.

by Thoughts of a SeniorCitizen

I have been clearing out some of my many years of accumulated junk and came across a sympathy card sent to me , when my husband died. 224 more words

Thoughts Of Puzzled Mind.

Time after time

When science has reduced you to a DNA Code

The pointless moment can feel like a lifetime

Remember your faults are your perfections

Your tears and rejections always have a beauty… 67 more words