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Perceptions askew,

Time to look again, full view

Pause, rewind, replay.


Some Day

I close my eyes for those glittery dreams
to sweep me over into the world which I own,
where I am respected with dignity
and loved with care. 117 more words



it’s not what i wanted

it’s what i had to do

i needed to let you go

although i know from looking back

we always had each others back… 16 more words



love begins

it’s true what they say

colors are brighter

when you go they fade

i’m not sure what it is

i don’t understand it well enough… 16 more words


Deepest Depths of the Mind

Deepest Depths of the Mind

What will we find

When we go to the deepest depths of the mind?

Will we accept what we see… 92 more words


one love

you never know how long you have

the ones you know become the ones you had

the only constant to be sure of is that everything changes… 18 more words


before you judge

they’ve lived a life before

contrary to the one you see

they’ve forgotten who they were

been lost way out at sea

before you start to compile… 26 more words