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Reaching For That Star

Never sell your dreams too soon

keep reaching for that star

it may seem so very far

so very elusive

but that is the way dreams are… 121 more words


spring gotten

held on back when it was cold

nothing was  around

and all the doors were locked down

and hearing the local alarm

on buzz

and what is so far… 52 more words


Tuesday Blues

First day at work, it’s Tuesday,

I feel I’ve got the blues,

At least I enjoyed a Monday,

For me that is good news.


something in may

must have been the things

to  say

and what it worded

and its own need

and what it caused

of the keeping

and feeling of the  assumed… 45 more words


just in case

many a time

and what it said

and how it was questioned

and its own knock on the door

and  where it was the

loud… 48 more words


wonder of beauty

why you so beautiful

not being weird

or  looking  into space

however this space you take up

on earth  has caused me to stare

and in a  state of  mind  altar… 42 more words