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Dancing (NaPoWriMo15 #14)

Goddess, Air born, graceful, beauty

Elegant, poised, active, luminous,

Smooth, jittering, toes, fingers,

Swan necks, core, lotus,

Wrapping around,



Words On My Mother's 90th Birthday by Dennis Lange

Words On My Mother’s 90th Birthday

Your family’s together massed,
Not merely for the milestone passed,
The ninety years with us you dwell,
But that you lived them very well. 53 more words



We throw up our lightning, laughing
loud to smother the night’s quiet sound.
We lift our eyes to trace the heaven-bound
fuse of the year’s spent time and trying. 73 more words



Beginning in the most unexpected of moments between two people

Friendship soon beautifully blossoms, love in the air

It can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone… 70 more words

Zuhair Reza

The Six Week Lust (NaPoWriMo15 #13)

The six week lust

Has crawled under our skins

And now perfumes out from pores,

Magnetising, magnifying our touch.

You wrote poems in the stars, 40 more words


Time's Morality (NaPoWriMo15 #12)

Sweet, nostalgic time,

You are a faded image

And I am tired


NaPoWriMo: Indirect Tweets

@twonewsocks: “Thank you for giving me a reason to get up in the morning, even on some of my darkest days. Your kindness gives me a reason to keep worki” 140 more words