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Serenity needed

I need a little serenity to figure out some things. I think I will meditate, sew and nap more tomorrow. When in doubt let yourself snore a bit.



Sun Rise – Haiku

Sun Rise, by Teresa Dean Smeigh 2015

The sun is rising,

The heat begins to follow.

The day ends, sun sets.


Two Poems

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By Raj Shekhar Sen


I have walked across oceans
to find men with hollowed eyes and leather skin… 462 more words


True Love

July 2, 2015

True Love

beauty fades
it doesn’t last
like a black and white photograph
yellowed by time
edges torn
a memory faded
and slightly worn… 110 more words

Creative Writing

Caught in the Rapture

Caught in the Rapture

On my knees

I kneel and cry

Shouting out to God

Desperately asking why!?

But as I look up

All I see is a dark and empty sky… 320 more words


Cheers to the Weekend

Cheers to the Weekend

Chilling out in Milwaukee

Feeling free as a bird

I’m going to enjoy the atmosphere around me

And not write another single word… 6 more words