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I ended up with two separate stories within this poem, mostly fueled by the same general idea.
I’m┬ánot sure I like how they intertwined, and if I bothered to, I could probably take what I like and make it flow how I envisioned the story to be. 366 more words

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Turn By Turn

This one…Well, I don’t even know.
I guess I wanted to make this poem about a seductress of war, or put a slight meaning to the dark presence that coerces man to inflict hurt, knowing it’s a wrong but inevitable cycle. 310 more words

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All that I want is
Stillness of heart
So I can start
To find my way
Out of the dark
And into your heart

(from the song Stillness of Heart by Lenny Kravitz)

Poems And Lyrics

My Every Single Moment

It’s because Life’s so hard

That I find



to Smile



… to be Happy 43 more words

Poems And Lyrics

Incoming Sickness

By: T.T. Arwin

A song creeps the Cali heat inside my cheeks,

Even when Winter teases the wispy hair on my arms,

My body doesn’t cool down. 38 more words

Poems And Lyrics

Take a Stand


There’s a boy that I noticed, he lives out on the street
There’s a woman at the store, you can see she’s been beat… 129 more words