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frigid northern blasts
birds huddle on icy branches
El Nino wanders, lost


Beast of Desire

Beast of desire,

Grows each day in our hearts, minds.

Can it be controlled?


For the Beast and Day haiku challenge.



(might be)

Sometimes the pills change color and the pharmacist explains that though they look different, they’re really the same. You nod and sign your name to agree that what they gave you is what you wanted. 8 more words


This Frozen Heart

Will it ever Melt?
This Frozen Heart
That Burns inside
Longing, Waiting
Time Abating

Fleeting Moments
That kept us Apart
Wandering, Jaunting
Teasing, Taunting

Memories lost… 43 more words


Social Einsamkeit Objectified

Virtual friends galore.

Many icons of faces.

Adorn the web page.

With his name on it.

This will be short-lived.

A fad at best. 77 more words

Thomas Ryan


Let’s just take a moment
To receive a message clear
Seen within creation
Calling everywhere

From the peak of mountain
Arriving in the sea
Flowing is the river… 76 more words


Poem of the Day -- Approach the clamouring

Approach the clamouring

Peek a boo, tiptoe, check the prey is unaware

Stroke the well groomed hair to one side

Adjust the tie and check the aroma… 69 more words

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