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All night rain falls

in the hills
an owl calls out for a mate
all night rain falls


sleep sprites unreel
dream movies on closed eyelids
all night rain falls… 25 more words


Sensual Sauce

All of a sudden I’m weightless.

Kissing on my neck

My ears twitch, at my tickled lip

Bound to you with honey

Fortify this moment… 31 more words


Mother's love

On the eve of my mother’s birthday,

six years after her death,

I rise in the deep of night.

On my way to the bathroom… 130 more words


"R is for... Rhyme is the Rhythm" (poem)

The rhyme is the rhythm of together

The rhyme is the rhythm of the heart

The rhyme is the rhythm of forever

The rhythm is the rhyme of apart


Adopt a poet

So if you are allergic to cats,
Or not allowed pets in your flat.
Or don’t want to stroke a goat,
Why not instead adopt a poet? 171 more words


4 Rooms

My house has 4 rooms
4 doors that never close

They are filled with:

Loyalty &

Then the… 141 more words


deeds not words

It’s hard to be patient when you have been

fighting for fifty years; victory-women in their thousands

infuriated by foolish words and calls for more patience – 49 more words