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the rummage
the research

Knives in head


A still image

tripped there

On tears

Of My yesterday today tomorrow

I've Never

I’ve never hurt a living soul,

Nor caused a person pain,

Yet I am cursed by an illness,

That I simply cannot tame.


Pitch Black Nirvana

As trumpets blow their horns.
As clouds part, for the skies.
The canvas that lays above us,
mocks, our existence with its lies.
Once it deceived us, drove us to decline. 76 more words


I am a Writer-Not a Fighter

I am a writer
Not a fighter
Come at me
And I will create quintessential factualities
To uproot your “realities”
And expose your actualities
Come at me with a knife… 257 more words


Late Afternoon At The Beach

Late afternoon
Refracts and alters
The sea from blue-scape
Of cool, dark wandering,

To a surface of captured sea-light,
Spliced by wave flux
To an oscillating multitude… 53 more words


Purr to meĀ 

Whisper close against

The curve of my neck and tell

Me all your secrets…


Curving Space

Steaming strength
Of all there was we were one
But multiplicities abounded
The universe shattered into an infinity of jewels
Curving around back on itself… 28 more words