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Dedap Batik

Hey there Carisma,
What’s it like Sungai Buloh,
are you lonesome or are you happy,
let me know,
these lights don’t quite shine like they used to do, 351 more words



Hello everyone. Some of you might be disappointed that this post is just mere apology. I’m sorry for being inactive in my blog for like a weak. 35 more words


Yellowstone at dawn/

the air alive with birdsong/

sun on mountaintops

Talkeetna, Alaska by Sarah Stern

Talkeetna, Alaska

Salmonberry scat piles
In the middle of the trail

Mountain goats, moose on permafrost
Fireweed ice cream in town

Otter eating crabs—sleek pashas of the harbor… 112 more words


It is okay today

I want to drag him by his scalp
to an altar of stone, strip his flesh to the bone
until he is nothing but eyeballs. 49 more words


Serenade of Solitude

Dim the Candle, Burning Bright,

Into the Hush of Twilit Night,

Surrender to the Sweetest Sound, 42 more words