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Define Pain

Pain by definition is

Physical suffering or

Discomfort caused by

Illness or injury

But I’d like to define

Pain as a terrifying

Call for help, returned… 68 more words


Imprint In Time

A million years from today
when we are long gone
or a thousand times recycled
I’ll still wish
for simply the strength of your arms… 30 more words



I’m trying to grow here, and by simply saying”Oh, get over it, it’s only snow”, or “why don’t you stop being so withered, and just give fruit already” doesn’t subsitute fertilizer and water. 164 more words


Break Of Dawn ~ When Night Meets Day


Break Of Dawn ~ When Night Meets Day

In silence she glides

Like a beautiful bride

Clad in darkness pure

Her beauty since long endures… 113 more words


What Death Becomes

Long have we all wondered what happens after death and maybe if we did know we would take comfort in the rest of our lives. Some of us have perhaps been closer to death then others and know some of the answers and yet may have even more questions than others. 238 more words


[poetry] #TellMeYourSecrets: Truth (I Lied)

DISCLAIMER: The feelings are real. The intensity is artistic license.

The tiny lies you tell someone you like?

They never used to bother me before. 207 more words