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Night’s crowded with cars

Surfing the roads,

Sinister with strangers

Dressed in black.

Night lurks, light-headed,

Chasing itself –

A manic midnight bird


Night’s sleepless with insomniacs… 72 more words



How long? How long?
Has become our unending song
This continued news makes me sick
Reasons for joy and comfort gradually leaks

The might of the battalions are yet to yield… 140 more words


Lovedrunk: An Ode to Rumi

By Adam J. Pearson

Oh Rumi–
Wise master of the Sufis,
Greatest of the mystic poets,
How well you write
In golden words that soar like birds, 740 more words

Red and white

A vibrant red framed by white.

Her beauty transcending the words I

write, yet I’ll try anyway.

I know it’s a her, she has cubs every year, 165 more words

Creative Writing

You are-

You are a terribly beautiful thing
in a terribly ugly world.
A pure thing, broken–
a many-many times
but still unwavered!

A thing I shall not grasp… 125 more words



Gracias Amity for inviting me to share my thoughts on love.

I’m required to share my thoughts on love in 10 lines, using four words in each line and each line to include the word love and give my favourite quote on love. 91 more words


Mad as a March Hare Limerick Month - Day 4

Here’s today’s limerick.

An author called Alfred said ‘Quite.
I’m in love with the way that I write.
I will say to my credit
I don’t need to edit, 37 more words