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Panic bubbles! (poem)


Bubbles up

Messing with my mind

Making me solution blind

Time to take stock

Undo mind block

Simmer down

Calm right down


Soothe… 7 more words

Michelle Sherlock

Time by Jacqueline Nash

Time – Jacqueline Nash

Tick tock, tick tock,
the hands move around
the face of the clock
tick tock, tick tock,
time to take stock.


I am back

I am back ,to be in my shack;
This was my home in this world,
Things lying as i left them a while back.
I am product of this environment, 96 more words



God moves in mysterious ways, and really that’s just fine,
You can be enigmatic when you’re someone so divine.
But I’ve only got one question, if we should ever meet, 155 more words


I Wish Going Home Was Easy

“I Wish Going Home Was Easy”

I wish the church that raised me
Didn’t try to burn me at the stake
I wish the man who was my mentor… 171 more words


Orca Poetry Contest Winners

This is the fourth winning poem from our poetry contest.
Congratulations to Cathy Behnke for her poem ‘Orca’s Dream’

On a trip to the North for vacation, 38 more words


Pretending the window is a mirror

letting go is not easy
life without pain is emptiness
who am I, if I am not lost,
not centered on finding
is no longer mine, 35 more words