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Summer Bright

See-through summer

lemon breeze

opening flowers

warming seas

You beckon to me

Sun-bright memories

in hazy days

berry-brown bodies

of the inner child plays

You beckon to me…

19 more words
Kait King

Nature's Strobe Lights

Flowers are nature’s strobe lights

Popping and bursting

Flickering small flashes of color

Dancing within our eyes

Until we hummed a song

Plucked each stem to create a new note… 20 more words


I saw you in a stranger

I thought I saw you today

In the face of someone who looked nothing like you

He drove a car that you don’t drive

He walked a dog that you don’t have… 33 more words



I know what’s happening

to me

He’s found his way


making me think

in love story


making butterflies

deep inside


and a sickness… 6 more words

Kait King

A broken me

Lustful gaze

across a smoky haze

of a darkened bar


I don’t know

but a broken me

and a broken you

won’t do

I don’t have the strength…

15 more words
Kait King


A blue checkered dress

And frilly white socks.

Register first

Prayer song last.

Days filled with play doh, plimsolls,

Milk carton duty.

Beanbags and stickers, 144 more words

Creative Writing

Dedicated to my teachers, Poetry by Vishal Verma

Genre: Relationship

Dedicated to my teachers
by Vishal Verma

On the way to pinnacle,

Without your lessons it wasn’t able.

You taught us the lessons of life, 127 more words