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The Sheer Force of

I hadn’t counted on you stepping in,
But here I am, completely enraptured,
And all seems soaked in resplendence.



Her wrists bled (red)
She awoke to a generation fuelled
By electronically emitted emotions

Is it no wonder then?
Her wrists bled.


Mad as March Hare Limerick Month - Day 29

It’s day 29!

There was a young lady from Poole
Who thought she was terribly cool.
She’d spit in the street
So that passer bys feet… 6 more words


reflections on eclipse

We waited along
with everyone else,
heads craned upwards
as if connected by
invisible thread to the clouds.

I wore a welder’s mask.

I still taste sweat that… 89 more words


drunk giraffes

I can smell burning on this platform.

Scaffold holds the edifice up.

The cranes
criss-cross the nightscape,

moving like drunken giraffes
piroetting through
mechanical movements.


State of the Union

Freedom isn’t free.
It’s a mind-numbing,
everyday kind of fight
against the ugly in this world.
It’s trying to calm
the cornered dog,
its claws dug into the ground, 91 more words



In ’44 they climbed these steps
With Brylcreemed hair and saddle shoes,
While war loomed across the sea and sweet young boys turned into men- 10 more words