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My Diary, My List

My diary, my list
of what I never knew.

Of what plucked lyre
called you.

Of what fluttering image
beckoned from
the looking glass.

Of why the pockets… 135 more words


Weak Pain!

My new poem! Used a first person subject for the spread of inspiration. Hope it is liked. Hope it inspires.

Pain will enter and leave… 39 more words


Radio Silence

how can i wear my love on my face
if a stone mask sits in it’s place?
this facade is the only thing protecting me. 80 more words


[Of love] 005.

i didn’t know
how to love her,
with her ocean eyes
and modest smile.
love was outside of my
capacity. but she loved me.

you can learn quickly… 7 more words

That's All Me Folks.


Disregard my last post..it was published in error and unfinished.