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-Voice of JST- #38: DOA5 Costumes Banned From Tournaments?

In this episode, I discuss how I feel about the decision of the DOA community to ‘soft ban’ certain costumes from being used in DOA tournaments, in order to improve the game’s “public image”. 87 more words


Episode 37: February Newb's Feed

On this week’s episode, it’s all the news newbs need to know in our February Newb’s Feed spectacular. We’re hitting all the hot topics including Nintendo’s Youtube policy, Zelda on Netflix, Swatting, MetaCritic scores and much, much more. 13 more words

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#86: The Power of Visualization and Belief

How powerful is belief in what you do? How much does it affect how successful you’ll be in your health and fitness endeavors? We explore the concept. 12 more words


The Farrell File #3 Podcast-- The War on Drugs & Comrade Obama

It’s the third episode of The Farrell File! This week: House of Cards, the innocent victims of the war on drugs, and is Obama a Marxist? 38 more words