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Thy name is Calamity 002

In the latest installment of Thy name is Calamity you will hear me make mention of two pictures. Each one illustrating the look of the creatures that have arisen in front of the characters. 93 more words

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Emerald Reprobates Podcast Episode 56

On this episode we talk some same sex marriage voting, real life SOA and our latest trip to the cinema to see max get mad. 86 more words

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SNP 17 Super Short Pals

Sorry for the late episode 17, but the Pals are back!!!!!
In this episode the pals talk about Arrow season finale, Flash episode, and Splatoon.

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271. On Science Fiction and Romance w/ Andrea Phillips

Subplots, comedies, and scifi relationships, oh my!  Andrea Phillips joins us for a discussion about science fiction, romance, and her new novel, Revision.  We talk about why romance gets a bad rap, some excellent starting points for the interested reader, and much more! 386 more words

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EP7: Not so Raven

We are here again! The most exciting things to happen in our lives since last week can be summed up in two words: Fitbit & Softball. 235 more words

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"The Following: It Didn't Have One" The Renew/Cancel Special


In this special episode of the Idiot Box Experts, the guys go Network by Network and review the final Renew/Cancel list with you as well as take a peak into the future!

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Fasterandmoreintense #3 Politics in Star Wars

Listen to Shiloh and Matt discuss politics in Star Wars. They talked about the senate, the empire, the legitimacy of the rebellion and much much more. 82 more words

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