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Episode 35 — The Best and Worst of Kiss!

You wanted the best, you got the best—exclusively at Walmart! Though Glen and Shaun have finished their lists for the best and worst songs of Kiss, they realize that telling the two apart isn’t always easy.   116 more words


Episode 19 - Why's The Rum Gone?

In this episode, Stu and Nick indulge in some fine rum and talk about a new segment that they are introducing called “This Week in Geek”, which features the best and worst geek news from the past week.   27 more words


Daredevil and True Detective: TV at its Top | Ep. 57

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With a stable of Harpoon Brewery brews on deck, we discuss the fun of a local brew fest and our high expectations for the newly released Daredevil and the soon-to-be-released season two of True Detective!


Triple Crown Podcast 004

In this episode, Snag and (eventually) Craig, talk NHL Playoffs (yes, we talk about Subban), early season MLB impressions, whether or not classic video games provide more value than current day, Aaron Hernandez and thoughts on the most recent Star Wars Episode VII trailer… 26 more words


Robot Best Friend BONUS Episode !

Robot Best Friend Bonus Episode featuring TOMMY TOE HOLD ! 94 more words

New Ron'sUpdate Podcast Episode

This is episode 118 of Ron’sUpdate/LostTrailRunner. I fill you in on what I have been doing the last week or so and what I have planned. 72 more words


God’s Gang Records Presents The Late John Whitehead - “Let Freedom Ring”– April 19th

God’s Gang Records Presents The Late John Whitehead – “Let Freedom Ring” – Radio Show – April 19th.  For more information visit the links below. … 24 more words