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Spoon Deep Gaming Episode 6: The One with that Darn Trivia

Jake and Chase explore what it means to be a gamer in this day and age while drinking beer. They enjoy a nice Lake Placid Ubu Ale and contemplate Destiny’s lack of content, Evolve’s new hunters and Behemoth, as well some new Halo themed trivia.   9 more words


I'm Finally On A Podcast Again!

For years after discontinuing The OkiNinjakitty Podcast I received messages, comments and emails asking when I would pick up podcasting again. There seemed to be a lot of interest in hearing a weekly podcast but the reality for me is that making a podcast was a challenging task. 628 more words


Storytime 001


A one shot leads to meta-exploration. The Pearl will be back as we launch full on into season 2! In the meantime I went back to a pick-up session we did a couple weeks back and started messing around with sound effects and background music.   44 more words


Podcast- Life in Focus Episode 2: Sweet Sleep

Do you sleep enough? Do you sleep well?

Sleep is essential to life, deprive someone of sleep long enough and they die. In this episode we discuss how to get better sleep and compare expert advice to real life circumstances… 90 more words

Life In Focus

Podcasts and Ragnaroks

I am stoked, thrilled, all sorts of jubilant adjectives you can toss out there.  The two-day Penalty Kill event is soaring.  Yesterday, 225 people took advantage of the free offer with another 24 purchasing the original Power Play: Ragnarok on Ice.  245 more words


Partakers - Book 1 - Alphy & the Lord's Prayer

What’s It All About, Alphy?

Alphy the WOWChurch Cat has a new book out! Alphy the WOWChurch Cat is on an adventure! In this book, his adventures take Alphy to explore the Lord’s Prayer – perhaps the most misunderstood prayer of all!! 78 more words