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1 minute creamy poached egg

Recipe 1 minute creamy poached egg


1 large egg

Water 3/4 cup

Salt and pepper to taste


Fill a microwave safe bowl or cup or mug with 3/4 cup of water.crack 1 room temperature egg in the bowl carefully ,other wise the egg yolk may break ,cover the bowl with a small plate.Now microwave on high power for 1 minute*.if you like runny egg yolk this 1 minute  is ok, but if you like little harder yolk,than you can cook 15 seconds more.Use a spoon to gently scoop the poached egg, transfer the egg in a plate ,sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste, enjoy hot! 46 more words

Breakfast Recipe

Perfecting the Poached Egg

I struggled with poaching an egg for some time. Silly me, I thought you just drop an egg in hot water and out comes a perfectly poached egg. 228 more words


Mushroom and Poached Egg Spaghetti – Or Faux Spaghetti alla Carbonara

It’s been a long, long, LONG week.

But two things have made this seemingly never-ending week bearable: Co-hosting Fiesta Friday #65 and #putaneggonit.

Co-hosting Fiesta Friday with… 571 more words


Seasoned Poached Egg and Almond Butter Sandwich


  • One Egg
  • Cheyenne Pepper
  • Black Pepper
  • Cilantro
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Almond Butter


  • Cookie Cutters
  • One Small Pot


Ainsley Peace

Chorizo, Sundried Tomato, Parmesan and Olive Risotto; Topped with a Runny Poached Egg

I feel like it had been an age since I last posted a recipe, and alas it hasn’t been because I have been out exploring the World on some exotic trip, but simply because life gets busy! 344 more words


Seven Seeds - Brunch near Unimelb

With limited time to grab brunch before class, we found ourselves visiting Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee near Unimelb. When we arrived just after noon the place was packed, so we had to wait about 10 minutes or so for a table. 584 more words


On the Prowl : Garage 51

Getting together to meet up was such a hard task for us three, what with all the events and work that has us occupied.
We finally met last Saturday, fixing our appointment at the beginning of the month, even keying it in into google calendar and inviting each of us to accept so that it will be listed to remind us when this meeting would be, such a crazy bunch! 229 more words

On The Prowl : Food Hunting