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Where has US$17 million from the World Bank gone?

US$17 million has been spent – but on what?

  • Have benefits from the extractive industries to the national budget improved?
  • Have benefits to mining affected communities improved?
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China looks to mine Papua New Guinea assets

Oxford Business Group

Chinese miners are looking to increase their presence in Papua New Guinea’s minerals industry, with two recent acquisitions giving companies from the mainland a firm hold on assets in the extractive sector. 557 more words

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Mining Minister Byron Chan to save the world

“I take pride in the fact that we are not only developing these tools for ourselves but for all mankind who will benefit from their application in future and we the people of PNG are taking a leadership position in this new frontier of offshore mining,”  Byron ‘Baby’ Chan… 271 more words

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Alluvial mining offers the prospect of real prosperity for PNG people

Alluvial mining means prosperity for PNG people not profits for foreign mining companies

It is part of a model for our development that follows the National Goals and Development Principles laid out in our Constitution… 22 more words

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PNG government in sinister move to silence critics over resource project

PNG government uses court orders to silence critics of the Chinese funded Pacific Marine Industrial Zone

Fundamental breach of human rights and freedoms

Pacific Marine Industrial Zone Court Order… 305 more words

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The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative in Papua New Guinea: Just more corporate greenwashing?


Papua New Guinea has recently signed up to the international Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, but is EITI a good thing for the people impacted by the oil gas and mining industries?  1,335 more words

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PNG locals shut down Newcrest Mining's Lihir mine

“They manage landowner issues well, these incidents are infrequent but it is part of life up there.”

Peter Ker | Fairfax Media

Newcrest Mining’s fractious relationship with sections of the community in Papua New Guinea is continuing to cause headaches as the Lihir mine suffers another unplanned shutdown at the hands of angry locals. 456 more words

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