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Day 30

Yesterday I made a concerted effort to address our lack of central heating. My first act of the day was to have the boiler disconnected. A colleague at work – and others will doubtless agree – felt that this was backwards step; but the boiler sits rather inconveniently on the back kitchen wall, and this is a wall which we plan to demolish. 931 more words


A homebuyers' checklist

Spotted a nice Victorian property? Bit of character?

I’ve put together a checklist to help you avoid some common pitfalls.

1) Do any of the load-bearing timbers appear to be in poor condition? 110 more words


Day 29

Today, I attach for your perusal a long, rambling video about drains. It includes a tour of the garden and a short trip up the stairs to see Bryony, who I found painting in the dark. 237 more words


New 'housing zones' announced - 3000 more homes coming soon

Mayor Boris Johnson and Chancellor George Osbourne recently announced nine new housing zones in London, designed to greatly speed up new housing. Of the nine announced, three are in SE London. 1,762 more words

Day 28

Today, about two months before it should have, work began on the kitchen extension.

Following detailed consultation with our plasterer we now have a clear plan. 983 more words


Day 27

What makes digging such a satisfying pursuit? I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m a practised digger, having spent many an hour labouring and gardening as a teenager. 539 more words


Day 26

Tom has asked me to substitute in as blog-writer tonight. He may call it a guest appearance, but I suspect Tom is just not quite ready to talk about this morning. 603 more words