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Steve Cochran Full Show 5/27/15: I Kind of Enjoy It!

Today’s program featured our own Vic Vaughn discussing his story on Veterans who have become first responders, and we were able to talk with one of the people featured in Vic’s reporting. 104 more words

Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran Show Listener Pledge Drive: Time to Earn Your Tote Bag

Today’s Pledge Drive featured Sharon Roessler and her sister (and new listener to our show) Kathleen Cooper. Kathleen isn’t sure why she doesn’t listen to her big sister, but we are sure that you can participate in the pledge drive and try to win a tote bag that Justin Kauffman stole from his former radio station! 66 more words

Steve Cochran


It’s been a crazy few weeks planning the Kamasi podcast, kicking off the KCRW Pledge drive, etc etc. But here’s a glimpse of what my life looks like through the eyes of.. my I phone!


It's pledge week at Brome Hill

Over the past several weeks, the blog has attracted a number of new followers. Thank you. We’re very pleased you are out there.

In general, today’s post is aimed at as many people as possible. 80 more words


Eight Years On

Eight years ago, Barataria began as a humble blog like so many others. It grew out of a need, first and foremost, to get a few things out of my head that would otherwise rattle around and bump into the stories that paid the bills from my job as a professional writer. 1,157 more words

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The First Quarter 2015 We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive has come to a close, and I would once again like to offer my HUGE thanks to everyone who donated, and of course to everyone who contributes to the well-being of this blog in non-monetary ways. 161 more words

Pledge Drive

ChuckTV: Pledge Drive

Creating quality programming such as ChuckTV isn’t as easy as it looks.

Chuck Nowlin and his cast and crew of dozens take time out of their busy day to bring you the best, high quality programming, that a radio station trying to shoot a television program can bring you. 68 more words