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Let’s just sit under the moonlight

On a rose filled garden

While rescuing each other from our sins

This is my own-Dominique Jones

Their bodies didn’t touch

until their minds

made love to each other.

This is my own-Dominique Jones

What's your source of joy?

We all want to be happy, specially while breathing. But if given a choice, would we rather be happy now or happier in the future? How about both! 1,023 more words

Nuggets Of Wisdom

The Corpse Who Takes Cream

I switched to black coffee a few days ago. I’ve wanted to do it in a small but persistent way for years, but I never could. 1,322 more words

No Exceptions

Can't Be Friends

I actually got inspired by Trey Songz, some of the lyrics to his song, “Can’t Be Friends” can be found throughout this story,
Hopefully you will enjoy and feel some type of way. 2,409 more words