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Pleasure, Happiness and Joy

I came across a book that shared many stories about happiness.

One of the stories is how we fool ourselves by mistaking pleasure for happiness. 311 more words


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A complementary whole

engaging the senses in equal measure

delighting the eye, the touch, the smell

in a manner that gives us pleasure

©Denise G Allen, 27 May 2015 04:34

Purpose VS Pleasure

Before you get the wrong idea just from the title- I’m not against pleasure.   Nor am I against purpose. But I think things are amazingly out of balance. 732 more words


Keep Loving, always.

The sun goes down,
And the stars rise up.
Memories begin to shimmer and blur.

Looking back could leave you teary eyed,
But moving forward will give you peace, for the rest of your life… 71 more words

cee’s fun foto challenge – perspective

Last week did I visit Denmark’s beautiful Museum of Modern Art, Louisiana in Humlebaek. It takes me about 1,5 hour to get there with help of two trains and a ferry. 239 more words

Un/useful Information

This is the Judgement

Truth, faithfulness, the righteous expectations of God, prayer, holiness, glorification of God’s Holy Son, willing obedience to heavenly things, and a daily renewal of all these things. 281 more words


A mathematician's clock and the joy in suffering (just a little bit)

Visitors to our house are always impressed with Ben’s clock so I thought I’d share a pic:

His sister bought it for him.

After our… 233 more words