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Drake Fleet Returns!

CCP says they are going to buff the Drake!  I an aching to get that 7th launcher slot back.

Wait, what is today’s date?

EVE Online

News Apr 1, 2015

ICv2 has a good rundown of Asmodee’s AsmOPlay.

Machi Koro championships are happening.

I just found out about Pleasant Dreams. You can buy a copy or download a print and play version. 16 more words


Top 5 RAMONES Albums You Should Hear!!

Top 5 RAMONES Albums You Should Hear!
Rob Watts

If you are new to the Ramones‘ music or have always been a little curious to hear more of their catalog besides what they play on the radio, here is a list of what I feel is the band’s best five albums. 551 more words


Oils for Bed

Was bed time tonight with the kids as wonderful and peaceful as mine? Ha! Yeah right. Good news is there’s a new kit with pre-blended, pre-diluted oils for the rugrats’ needs. 13 more words

Essential Oils