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Achievement Unlocked: Gamer Girl

A stirring discussion of girls in video games was an unusual highlight of our tutorial for this week. Fellow classmate Olivia, a dedicated gamer herself, was at the podium to deliver the low-down on the presence of XX in a genre usually associated with the XY. 583 more words


الاعلان عن النسخة المميزة من لعبة One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

كشفت شركة Namco عن النسخة المميزة من اللعبة القادمة One Piece Pirate Warriors 3.

نسخة ال”Doflamingo Edition” ستكون متوفرة على الPS3 و الPS4… 49 more words


Tales from the Borderlands - episode one (Review) 

Written by: Ty Shortis

There ain’t no rest for the wicked

Tales from the Borderlands episode 1 is the beginning of yet another episodic game series to come from developer TellTale games. 572 more words


Tennis in the Face Review

Angry Birds Meets Tennis?!

Like it or love it, we all know how popular Angry Birds has become. Tennis in the Face looks to capitalize on that success with a slightly different, and quirky, take on the mobile puzzle genre. 697 more words


Resolution debates again???? Didn't Gamespot already prove this false?

Why oh why do you guys let the media get you all upset and ready to fight over something that has already been proven time and time again false? 298 more words

Spotify hit ps4!

Being a dual console owner I have a lot of advantages that single console owners don’t have. These advantages I don’t take lightly. I feel blessed to have both consoles. 310 more words