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[The List Reviews] Tekken 3

In the early two thousands,  My friday’s were spent sat across from good friends, beer in hand and Tekken 3 Whirling in the Playstation 2.   This game has to be one of my most favourite instalments from the series (old & new). 375 more words


Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (PS1) - Rambolic Reviews

(EDIT) This was originally posted on another blog I used to run. Original post date – 22/03/2013

Ever since my review of Mickey’s Wild Adventure… 1,655 more words

Rambolic Reviews

PS1 Retrospective #2: Metal Gear Solid

Playstation One, PS1, PSX: the console that changed a generation of teens into WW2 soldiers, super-stealth warriors, F1 drivers and bare-knuckle fighters. It has now been 20 years since the Playstation was released and to celebrate Sony has reduced the prices of a number of classic PS1 titles. 1,620 more words


Review: "Small Soldiers" (Playstation One Game)

Well, since it’s been ages since I last reviewed a Playstation One game – I thought that I’d take a look at a 3D action platform game called “Small Soldiers” today, since I was given a second-hand copy of it fairly recently. 1,297 more words


SnapThirty Presents: Two Idiots Play "Digimon World"

Hey, everybody! Remember all those video games you would go to your friends places to play back when you were a little younger? Yeah, all those games that you didn’t have but you knew someone else did so you’d go and hang out with them just to get the chance to have a go? 174 more words


Breath Of Fire -- The Series

Breath Of Fire – There Be Dragons
The first Breath Of Fire (BOF) videogame was originally a product of RPG giant Squaresoft. However, the ownership rights got shuffled around, and since the first sequel all BOF games are the property of Capcom. 458 more words


PlayStation Memories: Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid also my favourite Playstation game, I miss this console so much. Obviously the graphics and the whole entire system is outdated but man without this system we wouldn’t be having such epic games now, especially in terms of atmosphere. 57 more words