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Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross – Parallel Dimensions

Chrono Trigger was a magnificent game. Its characters were vibrant, the combat system was exciting. It even tied up most of the loose ends that come with a story about time travel. 481 more words


Elly Van Houton

Elly Van Houton

Elly Van Houton is the most important woman in the Xenogears videogame universe. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Elly is introduced as a soldier of the Solarian Empire. 470 more words


Id - Xenogears' Greatest Mystery

Id – Xenogears’ Greatest Mystery

In literature, characters are like mysteries. Readers are given periodic bits and pieces of characters’ histories, but never the whole picture. 465 more words


Star Ocean II - The Second Story

Star Ocean II – The Second Story

Imagine a RPG set in a fantasy world. Add a friendship simulator to the mix. Throw in a system allowing the creation of everything from musical instruments to stat-raising books. 473 more words


[The List Reviews] Final Fantasy VII

I first played this game back in 1998, a year after the game was released,  I happened across this game when a friend of my mothers decided to give me his old PlayStation one and a few games,  Final Fantasy VII sat amongst the titles along with lemmings (the bane of my existence) and other games like worms etc. 617 more words

[The List Reviews]

[ Game Theory ] Final Fantasy VIII: The Little Game That Could

Ah, Final Fantasy VIII:  I decided to install this game after discussing its characters with a good friend of mine and while I’ve vocalized my utter disgust for the game in years past I’ve never really taken the time to discuss it openly. 3,501 more words


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children – The Sequel We’ve All Been Waiting For
Transferring visual entertainments from one medium to another is difficult. Comic books are successful because the readers use their imagination to fill in the gaps left by still images. 470 more words