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[The List Reviews] Final Fantasy VII

I first played this game back in 1998, a year after the game was released,  I happened across this game when a friend of my mothers decided to give me his old PlayStation one and a few games,  Final Fantasy VII sat amongst the titles along with lemmings (the bane of my existence) and other games like worms etc. 617 more words

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[ Game Theory ] Final Fantasy VIII: The Little Game That Could

Ah, Final Fantasy VIII:  I decided to install this game after discussing its characters with a good friend of mine and while I’ve vocalized my utter disgust for the game in years past I’ve never really taken the time to discuss it openly. 3,501 more words


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children – The Sequel We’ve All Been Waiting For
Transferring visual entertainments from one medium to another is difficult. Comic books are successful because the readers use their imagination to fill in the gaps left by still images. 470 more words


Remember Loaded?

From the age of about eight to twelve years old my Sony Playstation ruled my life. I played a hell of a lot of games on that system, and I still have my original console almost twenty years later. 566 more words

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[The List Reviews] Tekken 3

In the early two thousands,  My Friday’s were spent sat across from good friends, beer in hand and Tekken 3 Whirling in the PlayStation 2.   This game has to be one of my most favourite instalments from the series (old & new). 381 more words

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PS1 Retrospective #2: Metal Gear Solid

Playstation One, PS1, PSX: the console that changed a generation of teens into WW2 soldiers, super-stealth warriors, F1 drivers and bare-knuckle fighters. It has now been 20 years since the Playstation was released and to celebrate Sony has reduced the prices of a number of classic PS1 titles. 1,620 more words


Review: "Small Soldiers" (Playstation One Game)

Well, since it’s been ages since I last reviewed a Playstation One game – I thought that I’d take a look at a 3D action platform game called “Small Soldiers” today, since I was given a second-hand copy of it fairly recently. 1,297 more words