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#41 Learn to Play Catch

Brentwood School, Mill Bay British Columbia

Rod and I are climbing into our Eurovan. Rod-

“Hungry yet?”

“Not really.”

“Good.” He grabs a duffel bag. “Come with me.” 779 more words

Risking Rejection/Embarrassment


Though I would probably like to forget it, I might as well write it down for posterity.

This past Saturday, after work, I went to Mill Rd park with Brandon (and it would have been all of the kids except they couldn’t bother to wait for me and they went to another park before I got home) and we played catch. 133 more words

How do you throw a ball?

Several times in the last few weeks, I have had cause to explain my playing catch analogy for effective communication. Every time I talk about it, I see people around the room nodding their heads and hear the scribbling of pencils as they make notes to remind themselves. 424 more words


Playing Catch by Blair Gaulton

Playing Catch
Wind and trees
play catch
with drifting leaves.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Mar 2015


Saved By The Ball

Saved By The Ball, 2-15-2015
I started this message two weeks ago, during the super bowl… I have kind of a weird feeling about super bowls that sets me apart from most of the area. 1,781 more words

From The Pastor

Teaching How to Catch

Teaching is talking and showing. A teacher can’t be stingy. Teachers share their energy by demonstrating, illustrating, explaining and giving examples.

A teacher invests, gives something of him or herself, and a good teacher is aware of pacing as they give  … stopping frequently to listen. 393 more words

Sunny, the Special, Plays Catch


Sunny, the Special, really does play catch with balls of paper.

Suzanne Costigan