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Shells, Peanuts, And Doorbells: Subjective Probability And The Relevance-Making Relation

So far then, we have the following:  following Relevant Logic, we can avoid Classical Logic’s paradoxes of Material Implication, according to which the following statements are true… 1,318 more words

Learning By Writing

On the Ring of Gyges

The Ring of Gyges, as described by Glaucon in Plato’s Republic, is a ring that enables its bearer to become invisible at will, simply by twisting the ring accordingly so that its hoop would face the bearer’s body. 792 more words

Immanuel Kant

What can we learn from the myth of Atlantis?

One of the strongest and most compelling messages in Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, was about human nature. He uses his former teacher Socrates as the pivotal character in his dialogues, to question the students on many facets of life. 663 more words

Paul and Socrates in Acts? I'm skeptical

I’ve often heard it said that Luke’s depiction of Paul’s Areopagus speech is intentionally evocative of Socrates’ Athenian trial. So Hansen (‘The Preaching and Defence of Paul’ in… 498 more words


Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 55

In vino veritas.

In wine there is truth.

Among the most famous wine words of all time, they are frequently quoted, and often commercialized.  Visit almost any winery tchochke shop, and you’ll find some version of that quote for sale — on a wine barrel stave, a t-shirt, wall art, etc. 266 more words


Beyond the Garden Gate

Beyond the Garden Gate
(by Calen & Plato)

I stand alone peering into the star-speckled sky,
hand resting lightly on the unlatched garden gate.
I come here again, haunted by and drawn to the boundary, 127 more words

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Monthly Quote

A quote to start the month.

Star-gazing Aster, would I were the skies,
To gaze upon thee with a thousand eyes.

– Plato, Epigrams

Monthly Quote