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Life casting Materials: Alginate & Silicone.

To be able to create accurate prosthetic pieces that an actor would have applied to them to portray a character or to look older, they must have their face cast to create a lifelike ‘mask’ to work on, this process is called ‘life casting’. 3,667 more words


Life Casting, Filling and Repairing the Back.

To cast the back I used alginate rather than silicone because I couldn’t afford the silicone and it wasn’t needed – alginate would work fine as I was just needing the one positive. 612 more words


Fibreglass Head.

Once I had made the new plaster bandage shell for the silicone I was able to make the fibre glass head. I applied some shellac to the inside of the plaster bandage just in case any resin was to go on to that area. 350 more words