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sweet potato chips with black bean pineapple salsa

This is easily one of the simplest light meals I’ve ever made, and considering it only takes 20 minutes start to finish, the results far outweigh the minimal effort involved. 302 more words


School Lunch, Then and Now

Long story short, I found myself on the website of the elementary school I went to as a child. Since I was already there and curious, I clicked on the Cafeteria link to see what a public school in carnivore country in Northern California was serving. 252 more words


Scaling a Recipe

How to scale a recipe up or down.

This is one of the best web pages I stumbled on all week. For a girl who cooks for one, it’s important to know how to cut down recipes for 4, 6, 8 or more servings. 28 more words


Back Pain and Breaking the Fast

A week ago Saturday I was walking out of the restroom at work, and after maybe 20 steps, I felt it. Searing pain and burning radiating from my back – the spot where your hip bone connects to the body bone, to be exact. 375 more words


Watermelon Sunrise Smoothie

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve made a couple of watermelon based smoothies. These are my favorite drinkable smoothies because they are ridiculously refreshing and always sweet. 148 more words


Living with a Nut

I’ve been working in my new blog www.livingwithanut.com and I hope you will go check it out!

It’s a humorous view of coping with the Health Nut in your life. 38 more words


Mother's Day

I am not a mother. I never wanted to be a mother. I felt strongly about this in my 20’s and 30’s. I did not believe I could be a good mother. 806 more words