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Mujaddara is a rice, lentil and onion dish popular in the Middle East.

From Wikipedia: … a medieval Arab dish commonly consumed by the poor, reputed to be a derivative of the “mess of pottage” Jacob used to buy Esau’s birthright. 462 more words


How Are We Going To Make It If We Don't Try 

Dreamers how will we make it if we only dream… We have to apply if we want our dreams to come to light


Bill Clinton and other celeb vegans

I’m not the first person to wonder why people jump up and down whenever a celebrity adopts their particular point of view. Vegans are thrilled that Bill Clinton became a “vegan” after adopting a Dr. 466 more words


How animal products encourage cancer growth

Food choices are very personal, making information that challenges the healthy nature of commonly enjoyed foods very controversial.

With the advancements in technology, new scientific discoveries are forcing us to question our fundamental beliefs about our diet and how it affects our health. 880 more words


Making Chapatis

Chapatis are flatbreads, similar to tortillas. They are common in India, Africa and the West Indies. They are essentially peasant food, made from simple inexpensive ingredients. 410 more words


Ocular Migraines

I used to get them daily before I switched to WFPB. It was scary. They started once in a while, then progressively became more frequent. Since I was unable to see properly out of one eye whenever I got one, I was always afraid it would happen while driving. 146 more words


Artisan Coffee

Human beings are fascinating, aren’t we? No matter what it is, we find a way to indulge in it to excess. Take coffee for example. For most people, coffee means picking up a cup on the run, or popping a Keurig capsule in the machine, or dumping a few spoons of $5/lb ground coffee into the drip coffee maker. 726 more words