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March In The Forest - Spring Surfs And Tofu Trials

         Out Surfing In The Forest

First surf trip of the year! Friday night midnight driving all worth it to wake up in paradise. Sunshine induced giddiness. 44 more words


My April Challenge

I was looking for 5Ks yesterday, and stumbled upon a 100 mile challenge for the month of April. I did some calculating, soul searching, and had a few conversations with myself and decided I can not possibly do that. 301 more words


Plant-based Nutrition Certification - T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

My sister-in-law, Kathy Parnay, and I co-founded Plant-based4health.com 3 months ago, in January 2015. Our goal was to share information on the benefits of a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet. 582 more words


5K Recap and Observations

3-22-2015 Florida Beach Half Marathon and 5K

My 5K Results, as compared to the same race in October 2014:
Gun Start: 58:47 (1:13 faster)
Chip Start: 57:00 (2:42 faster) 1,087 more words


Vegetable Lasagna - The Foodie Mama

I’ve always loved making lasagna.  I find it almost soothing to create it, layer by layer.  As most of the lasagnas I’ve eaten in my life have had a bolognese sauce and are smothered in cheese, I had to get a bit creative when “veganizing” one of my favourite dishes. 463 more words

Portobello Mushroom Pizza - The Foodie Mama

Growing up, my family had pizza.  Every.  Single.  Friday.

Did I complain?  Absolutely not!  I LOVED pizza, and I still do.

Back then, it was a classic pepperoni and cheese, but since adopting a plant-based diet, that is no longer an option.   329 more words

Recipe of the Week: Lettuce Wraps with an Asian Flare

I love butter lettuce. It’s rather expensive, so I don’t buy it often. I love it for lettuce wraps, as I really dislike iceburg. Inspired by a recipe for which the only ingredient I had was hummus, I came up with this little diddy. 107 more words