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Plans afoot!

Alright, scold me all you want, I’ve written nothing today. However, I spent a very exciting afternoon planning out a big Caladria project with the boss, so that’s brilliant. 195 more words

Just Blogging

#todaysconclusions 27/04/15

Four cans of Red Bull in a day is definitely my limit.

Drinking every flavour does not make you a big man. It makes you go giddy. 11 more words


Days 31-33: Depression is SO BORING

Yesterday’s starting weight: 218.6

Today’s starting weight: 216.6

I have spent the entire week sunk in depression so deep that I was dreaming of death. I had a dream that I was old, living in an old person’s home, spending my waking hours reading, and in my dream I thought, why don’t I die now? 224 more words

Daily Recap

This is Me.

I’ve been considering this for some time now. Writing a blog. I keep telling myself, it’s too challenging, you’ll never keep up, who would even want to read it. 1,422 more words


A New Door | Entrepreneurship

Good afternoon everyone!  I had a strangely good Monday morning, I hope you did as well! When I was 8 years old I set up a table outside the house and took my mom’s old magazines out there and sold them for 10 cents a piece.   309 more words


Dear Kid I Used To Know

Dear Kid I Used To Know,

If life is like one giant road trip, with a series of sightseeing tours along the way, you are seeing what 34 years and 364 days looks like, talking back at you, right now. 797 more words


A Strange(r) Question

“So what’s next?” she asked me.

I stared back at her for a moment wondering what prompted her to ask me such a perceptive question. 397 more words