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Some local (and otherwise) news

News courtesy of Kevin Foster

(MP for Torbay)

Work Starts On £14m Investment at Torbay Hospital

On Wednesday the Torbay Hospital League of Friends, Staff, Volunteers and building contractors gathered to mark the start of work on a £14m investment at our hospital. 1,245 more words


Photoshoots with EeVee Cosplay

I have always found it difficult to find the right words to use when it comes to blogging or writing but every time I just take some time to try my best to write in the suitable and concise way in what I think is best. 216 more words

Let's Empower Our Students To Cope With Exams

If there is one thing guaranteed to cause anxiety in my room, it’s any mention of the words ‘exam’ or ‘test’. In fact I’m absolutely sure that my students have an inbuilt radar which tells them when any of us have even been discussing the possibility of one! 591 more words

Flip thru of #onebookjuly2015 so far

What is #onebookjuly2015?

The One Book July challenge was thought up by @rhomany, and basically its “One book. One pen. One Month.” I know, I know… I can hear some of you sigh from over here in South Carolina… But, it’s okay.. 524 more words


Keeping track of your to do list

Are you a fan of to do lists? I am, particularly if I need to do a lot of small tasks. On those occasions, not only does it stop you forgetting one of the tasks, but it also gives a sense of achievement when you cross them all off. 96 more words

Bits & Bobs


Sharegate is the new kid on the block when it comes to joining the tools that do migration for SharePoint and just like Metavis and Metalogix it offers the standard options for migrating to different versions of SharePoint as well as to O365. 401 more words