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Hosier and Rutledge Lanes continue to attract local, national and international interest with it’s ever increasing foot traffic, street tours, photographers, wedding parties and school excursions. 393 more words


Passed the Design Review!

As I mentioned in mid-April, I had to apply for a design review from Sonoma County and yesterday I received the approval! Now its on to preparing for the building permit.


How To: Plan for that First Hike

So, you shot your mouth off commenting on your friends’ scenic Facebook pictures, and now they’ve invited you to come along on their next hike. The only problem is you’ve never really walked further than your local 7-11. 584 more words


Filofax - Planning my life

     Planning. I am hoping my filofax will help me keep my summer on track and so here is a post dedicated to it. Prepare for lots of pictures in this post! 975 more words

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Things You Need To Think About Once You Get Engaged

When he gets down on one knee and slips that ring on your finger, you’re not thinking about anything but how much you love him and how amazing your life together will be. 502 more words


6 Easy tips for a successful city trip!

Sometimes I take a night to myself, get comfortable behind my computerscreen and I start reading the most wonderful travel blogs. stories about people leaving their every day life behind to travel the world, or the adventures of a certain young lady named Brooke who makes a living out of her travel-tales. 758 more words

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