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When Venus and Jupiter met

On the night of July 1st, the planets Venus and Jupiter were clearly visible in the sky, which is a rare event. I captured them at around 8 pm at Hyderabad, India. 68 more words


Twilight Beacons

Venus & Jupiter near conjunction over Jervis Bay, NSW at twilight 1 July 2015.

Venus is at 77 million km and Jupiter 910 million km (Opposite sides of the Solar System). 31 more words

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Scene 07-01 Together in the Sky

Together…Moon and Mountain – Planets in the Evening Sky

With no arms to reach the other

they danced

decades, they say

until they come this close again

decades to catch a glimpse of one another… 17 more words


July 1 - Conjunction Junction

Today’s factismal: Markduk will meet Ishtar in their heavenly boudoir tonight.

If you ask an astronomer what the three brightest stars in the sky are, odds are she’ll tell you “Canopus in Carinae (the Keel), Sirius in Canis Major (the Big Dog), and Sol in the Solar System”. 442 more words


Okay, that is a moon!

Final version, really – for sure – um.. yeah. :)

I moved and redesigned my city / starbase illumination map. I felt the size was more appropriate and the location now is in a big impact crater. 65 more words

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Dwarf Planet Ceres’ Violent Past Etched Into Its Face As...

Dwarf Planet Ceres’ Violent Past Etched Into Its Face

As NASA’s Dawn Mission mapped the crater-­riddled little world, the images used to make th­is animation were captured from about 8.4 miles ­altitude and include navigation imagery from 3.2 miles out.

By: Video From Space.