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New Horizons Has Caught Its First Color Pic of Pluto

In a historic first – just one of many that will be made over the next several months, to be sure! – the New Horizons spacecraft captured its first color image of Pluto and its partner/satellite Charon on April 9 from a distance of 71 million miles – about equivalent to that between Venus and the Sun. 379 more words

Solar System

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Mercury: First Rock From The Sun

Mercury is the innermost planet our Solar System and although no exact date is known of its discovery one of the earliest records comes from the Sumerian civilisation around 3,000 BC.   610 more words


10 Amazing Alien Planets That Could Host Life The best...

10 Amazing Alien Planets That Could Host Life

The best candidates to welcome Mankind and life as we know it…

All of these are kind of variants of Earth with their own specificities… which one would you like to visit?

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The Habitable Zone

The habitable zone is defined as the region of space around a star where liquid water is stable on a planetary surface. The zone has an inner boundary where the planet would be too hot for liquid water to be stable, and an outer boundary where the planet would be too cold for liquid water to be stable. 505 more words


Nepal Earthquake – Similar pattern seen at start of Little Ice Age | the WeatherAction News Blog

Above the Nepal earthquake captured as it happened. It is all the more poignant when you see how every day normal life was happening only to be snatched away in an instant.. 172 more words

Little Ice Age