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Your Audience

In the past, an audience was comprised of those who were directly in front of you. The word audience comes from the Latin audire, ‘hear.’ As technology and systems have evolved, so has the meaning of the word audience. 325 more words

Innovative Agent Services

How to make an omelette without breaking eggs.

In the technology world that we play in there is a tendency for the teams we manage to be on the young side. That in itself is cause for caution in how we treat them, as often they are not fully formed yet as people. 551 more words


Plan On It!

It seems there is a new hot trend, or maybe an old trend with a few new twists. Planners! From daily planning, budget planning, health & diet, to blog planning. 295 more words

Questions for Reflection for Study of Genesis 17-20

For the past few weeks, the journey through Genesis has taught me lessons from Abraham who went up to the desert region called the Negev along with his wife Sarah and his nephew Lot. 679 more words


Finally March!

Happy Monday and good morning! A new week again, and the first one of March, which makes me very happy indeed.

The weather has improved quite a bit these days in London, with the sun shining and the temperatures rising little by little. 1,266 more words


Walking In Circles

I have no idea what to blog on this week.

I don’t even know what’s going on inside my own head.

Do you ever get that way? 253 more words


MBTA Commuter Rail Recovery Plan Rolls On Despite More Snow

BOSTON (CBS) — More MBTA Commuter Rail trains will resume operations Monday as part of the transit system’s recovery plan despite the anticipated overnight snow. 101 more words