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Plain and Folksy

What is plain and folksy
Lives in dread of the rough edges
Where the hardness pledges
To rip us apart slowly.


OOTD: 3/5/15

Hey! Hey!

Today I decided to pattern block!

I wanted to go with dark browns and greens. I went with plaid and cheetah print. I’m not one for animal print clothing but a good cheetah print shoe can make any outfit sassy. 34 more words


Brandy Melville Hype

Honestly, I do not really understand the hype girls have with brandy melville. I think their clothes are so expensive. But for some reason,  I find myself buying clothes from there. 283 more words

Shoes! (and tips to save money on them next winter!)

Hey beauties,

so today I wanna talk about shoes. People are bag girls, shoe girls, make-up girls, ect… now don’t get me wrong, I love all of these, but I think I’m defiantly a shoe girl. 109 more words


Spiral 13

One thousand ways to say I love you

85: What color do you choose, to stay upon a carpet of the violet,
or the white, or yellow, maybe blue, but pale, to pick as inflorescence day? 126 more words


Plain [Adjective]

Caramel dripped down the side of the coffee cup, like molten gold. The sticky icicle held tight to the cup’s glossed rim, and she watched as the stream crept closer to the table’s wooden slats. 90 more words


White Weed

I just discovered that there are a lot of photos I took before that I can enhance and produce marvelous result.  This is just one of them.  Hope you guys like it.