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Plain Jane

I found you plain
When I first saw you
And you still are now
With your acne-ridden skin
Flat black hair
And braces

Your wardrobe… 109 more words


Perfect Girl

I am not a perfect girl

I throw my head back and laugh loudly

I dress in the way that I’m feeling and most of the time its “comfy” 129 more words


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (92)

Just plain old water to drink-

To every flavor and color, in which one can imagine and think.



A LaTeX Bibliography Hack

Yet another LaTeX hack! This time to insert text between the bibliography/reference header and the actual references. I’ve had, I admit, no really good reason to do this, as I might have added some text before the bibliography, but it made a lot more sense to include the paragraph there. 215 more words