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At Rain in Second Life is a store…

…but the area around is nice to explore ^^

There is an island to fly over to, it has a bench to sit on. 15 more words

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Ruins at Wondering Dew

Yep, there are ruins at Wondering Dew in Second Life :D

I like urban and derelict places so it was fun to explore, i also invited a couple of people too. 80 more words

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At Kreuttal in Second Life I found this cave.

There are bees near the entrance… but i didn’t get stung :D

Inside there is a rock pool that you can float in, which is what i did. 24 more words

Second Life

Planet Arcus

Even though Second Life seems like another planet at times, my friend and i decided
we wanted to visit ‘another planet’ sim, so i found this one in the search. 181 more words

Second Life

Aspen Fell

I had a great time when i visited Aspen Fell.
My friend told me it was raining there before TPing me, so i arrived prepared… 162 more words

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Blithe is a beautiful place in Second Life that spans two regions, Lost Angel and Heart Song. And it is popular too.. it has been in the Destination Guide. 60 more words

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“Aquarelle” means “watercolor” in French, which fits this place in Second Life better than the region that it is in… Dreamworld Volcano… because there is no volcano to be seen… but the place is made to look like a watercolor painting. 68 more words

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